Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What does it take to win a race?

We just spent some time with our long term friend Dane Spencer, a National USA Ski Team member, at Java in Boise, Idaho. He was back in town for a much needed rest from the World Cup. Dane is a true professional and has been on the national team for most of his 30 years of life.

Dane pointed out that most of the races are at elevations less than 5,000 feet, so many of the races had rain instead of snow. He said that his left knee, which was "bone on bone", was acting up and it needed down time. When you interact with different sports, you gain a lot of insight on how short you have at the pro level, high movement sports!

I informed Dane that Dartfish is now a part of our Wobble-naught CAD systems. You see, Dane has spent many hours gaining understanding of what he needs to work on using Dartfish.
It can be used in the "real world" turf of what ever you are doing such as road, track, tt, mtb, etc...

I also pointed that we just picked up a 2008 2-up Can-Am 800cc Max LTD to follow the mountaintbike action. In other words, we can follow you where ever you go and use the Dartfish to help you improve your game on the playground! So, here is what's coming next! I just got off the phone with Shonny Vanlandingham and we are in the works of flying her here sometime in April to do just that! She has the SRM mountainbike powermeter on her bike. So we will use the Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish sytsems on the ATV up to 300 yards away to follow her on our mountain bike trails and learn where she needs work! Hunter Allen will be in charge of her watts recording.

We know that Shonny is fast on her mountain bike, but she will not be able to out pace the Can-Am 800cc Outlander as we follow with the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, working with the SRM powertmeter within the Dartfish.

We are also using our systems on the open road to follow a team and help teach them all how to work together! No matter if you are indoors or outdoors, and on any surface - we have you covered!

Dane Spencer told us he loves the use of Dartfish. It uncover the "truth", it shows you the "facts", rather than what you think. Dane said it this way, "On any given race, you have 60 pros who can throw it down! But it is the brain of merely four to five guys who always get it done! Those same pros are the ones who care about the "truth" in their game. That is why they use this kind of high tech!"

You best learn your own game! Learn what you need, not what someone else thinks you need!

This is the reality of what we do! We let you use our tools and you see the "truth" of what you need. Dane understands this and that is why we might use him on snow in the near future!

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