Friday, January 11, 2008

L.H. Thomson "David Parrett - Marketing Manager"

"In my time at Thomson I have watched Tom Coleman grow Wobblenaught over the last 6 years. Through all the bikes I have owned and ridden over the years, regardless of what components I have been running, and I have been spoiled, fit and technique have always been more important to my experience riding the bike. There is nothing you can buy, no lotion you can apply that will make you comfortable on a bike that does not fit. I am far from being a great cyclist or athlete, but I get to watch quite a few. If you know me very well, you know I watch one very closely every day. Performance can not be purchased, it comes from persistence and hard work. What matters is having your bike function as a well built tool, thus allowing you to persist at the work that has to be done to get better, whatever better means for you.

Tom’s program gets to the heart of how you interact with the bike. Like any market, Wobblenaught is not the only game in town. There are choices, but Wobblenaught deserves a strong look from rider and retailer alike.

The longer I ride the less I care what brand bike I am riding and the more I simply want to make sure it fits. One of the ways I make my bike fit is by using certain products to set my bike up. I will not discuss my favorites but there is one saddle, one pedal, one tire, not to mention one stem, and seatpost that I use. I have a preference for shorts, glasses, and gloves as well. Out of all the choices, I have found mine. May not work for you, so what, there is a choice. Shops need to let OE’s know that the consumer benefits from both quality OE components and a vital thriving aftermarket to provide that choice. I know OE’s need to build value with their component brands, and sure, I work for an aftermarket company and am biased. However, I have seen OE’s learn from us, and I think the industry is better for the aftermarket companies that have often led innovation.

I hope in the rush to build brand and maximize profits that bike OE’s don’t lose sight of what makes cycling as fun and approachable as it is.

I love my VW, and I love the service and support I get from VW. But I am not at all sure I want cycling to become the generic experience that buying a car or computer has become."

David Parrett
L.H. Thomson Marketing Manager
ph: 478-788-5052
fax: 478-788-1956

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