Sunday, June 28, 2009

Epic Racing in BC! Who will it be?

This is what mtb singletrack is all about.  Riding the mountains with breath taking views for 7 days.  The prize, to get to ride in the perhaps the best singletrack in the world!

“We’re not trying to kill people with huge climbs or really long days,” said Andreas Hestler, the BC Bike Race’s official marketing spokesperson. “This race is more of a tour of the terrain that we in British Columbia have been riding our entire lives. This is for people who love to shred singletrack.”

In the U.S.  most of the land and it's singletrack is off limits for cycling events, that is why this is even more attractive to the mtb racers, they really get ride in the mountains.  There is not not enough cash reward for the teams, to cover the cost, but again, the ride is worth the trip and the glory!

Here is just a small list of a few who have used our services, not just for a fit, but also how to pedal and ride.

Heavy hitters i.e. Georgia Gould, Sue Butler, Lea Davision, Bart Gillespie, Two-time U.S. collegiate XC champion, Sue Butler, Byan Alder, Alex Grant to name a few.  Why do they use over some fitter that puts mtb riders in a road fit?

Because this is not road!!!  The bike setup is very different!

From what we hear, about 400 racers having a blast!

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