Wednesday, June 24, 2009

US Cup East #4 Cowbell "Super Hot Results"

When the heat is on, the body is really put to the test! So here is some cycling science, the muscles drive the system.

There are many muscles that don't really change no matter what you do to get them to fire.
The trick is to know which ones are the primary power producers during cycling. We know which ones transfer energy and teach that! We did this for years with Reba Rusch, she has had the sEMG on her to help her learn the force-generating periods. The other girls have not, but they have learned from both Eddie & Andy our dealers.

Deeper understanding of muscle coordination in cycling can be learned, you just have to know who know's the correct info! Positive movement make you go and negative movement exhibit a significant amount of heat i.e. like the Cowbell.

The temps where not the only thing that where hot at the Cowbell Challenge marathon on Saturday in Davidson, North Carolina. Considering that only 40 athletes out of 200 even finished in the women.

Wobble-naught fitted racers heat it up! When things tax your body, like in this this race, is when the smallest of adjustments can make a difference! Again, any negative fit will lower your performance. This is the second year that a WN user has won the race! If you don't care about the smallest % of heat, don't expect to outgun your rivals when things heat up. You only have about 22% energy to tap into, the rest is heat! If you don't have your bike dialed just so, you are going to "over heat" because you are working harder.

Carey Lowery, fitted by WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish dealer Eddie O'Dea takes first over Specialized Rebecca Rusch who was on our fits for years until she was hired by Specialized. Rebecca Tomaszewski was fitted by WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish dealer Andy Applegate and she takes third, while Andy Applegate (a working man) takes 6th in the Elite men.

Carey Lowery also put down the fastest lap for the field in the punishing heat. Goes to show you if you have your bike right you can go!

In Sunday’s cross country race, Thomas Turner (Bear Naked/Cannondale) and Sam Koerber (Gary Fisher 29er Crew) battled in a sprint to the finish. Sam Koerber has also been fitted by Andy Applegate, with Tom Turner taking the win by just two seconds, and both averaging lap times of just under 34 minutes for the eight-mile course.

Another WN racer Travis Livermon, also fitted by Andy Applegate takes 4th in Elite men.

Elite men
Thomas Turner

Sam Koerber

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