Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More truth & facts! Disc Burner 6 &12 hr & Teva Games, CO!

Our Principles and Concepts of Legged Locomotion seem to be getting high grades over all comer's? 

The mechanics and energetics of cycling powered by the endoskeleton system is standing the test of ideas, after all we are invertebrates! We are not a exoskeleton system like some ideas think?

Humans do well to use about 22% of available chemical energy.  The rest is liberated as heat.  The value of efficiency depends on the positional zones on the bicycle. 

WN-Myofacts sweeps the podium at the Disc Burner at Knoxville, TN., both 6H &12H.

Eddie O'Dea

to Tom
7:13 AM (6 hours ago)
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Disc Burner 6 & 12
Knoxville, TN

6 Hour Solo Male
1. Andy Applegate (Velo Sport)

6 Hour Solo Female
1. Carey Lowery (55nine Performance)

2 Hour Solo Male
1. Jarret Kinder (55nine Performance)

12 Hour Solo Female
1. Susan Williams (55nine Performance)

12 Hour Duo Open

1. Topeak-Ergon Eddie & Namrita O'Dea (55nine Performance)

All on them are on the WN-Myofacts fit! That is a very telling trend.

Eddie O'Dea
55nine Performance

Teva Games Vail, CO.

Women's results

  • 1 138 COMPTON Katie Colorado Springs 1:34:22
  • 2 314 GOULD Georgia Fort Collins 1:35:00 38.25 WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
  • 3 191 IRMIGER Heather Boulder 1:36:34 2:11.99
  • 4 257 SAWICKI Pua Yucaipa 1:38:19 3:57.15 WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
  • 5 385 FREEMAN Judy Boulder, CO 1:41:35 7:13.16 WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish "Nat Ross"

Let's see, that is from the West Cost at Mt. Hood, OR, to the Teva Games in the Rocky Moutains Vail, CO, to the East Cost of VA, Down to the South! That about covers it!
Why? Because we know what we are doing, and we know how to teach it and it shows!
  • Do you want to get better or do you want to
  • pay good money for something less?
  • Our racers love the new mass marketing ideas!
  • It allows them to have a very real edge!
  • They tell us they can put some real time on their rivals.
  • Truth & Fact are in the from short races to long races, we get Results!

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