Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sue Butler (Monavie Cannondale) teaches climbing at Mt. Hood.

We know why Hometown favourite Butler takes Wy’East ahead of surging Pital

We where on the phone w/ Sue about what to focus on!

Sue Butler lives in a area (Portland, OR)where cycling fits are as common as wearing a helmet!  She could have any fit solution she wants!

When you don't have a rode team, it is hard to race a road race against other teams.  But just like the tt, the climbing is you and your skills against the course. There is no question that our fit solution allows you to out climb your rivals. If you don't have the best solution or setup, it really shows when you ride into a wind or uphill.

In fact, in most cases with the many road fit ideas, if you are in good shape, you can take a fit that is close and just suck a wheel with a good strong team.

Sue Butler was on her own in the 92 mile slugfest, with no teammates, racing very strong teams. So she had none of that team slowing her down, so she showed her skills climbing and that makes the win even better!

"I didn't have any plans to attack when we started. It was just going slow and no one was pulling into the wind," said Butler. "It was kind of all or nothing – either I blow up spectacularly or I'm going to win the stage – so I went for it."

Butler's move started with Erin Ford (Veloforma), but eventually she rode free off the front to gain an advantage of up to two minutes. She had one minute ahead of the classification favourites in the final kilometre of the 56-kilometre climb to the Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort.

We have been on the phone with her and getting her head around a few important moves. You see, even with the perfect fit, you still need the perfect mind set!

1 Sue Butler (USA) WN & Myo-facts            5.03.49 
2 Edwige Pitel (FRA) Sorella Forte                                 0.29 
3 Gillian Moody (CAN) Total Restoration Cycling Team                    
4 Alisha Welsh (USA) PCIM                                               
5 Teri Sheasby (USA) Bend Bike N Sport                             0.32 
6 Leah Goldstein (CAN) ValueAct Capital Cycling Team                    
7 Melissa Mcwhirter (USA) Veloforma                                     
8 Robin Farina (USA) ValueAct Capital Cycling Team                 0.40 
9 Alice Pennington (USA) Veloforma                                 1.00 
10 Marilyn Mcdonald (CAN) Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus             1.16

Way to go Sue!  Thanks for the "minds ear", and using our Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish know how!

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