Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emily Batty is determining her fate at the Canadian Cup!

WN user's go #1 & #3 at Canadian Cup.

Emily informed us early season on the phone while hanging with Nat Ross at a indoor race about a upper body issue some have pointed out to her? We instructed her to keep doing what she is doing, to keep up the good work and it would pay off. I guess so!!! She wins again!

What a man thinks of himself determines their fate!  Muscle fiber generates tension, they lengthen, shorten or remain the same. Locomotion in most animals is only possible through the repeated contraction at the correct times.  The contraction is controlled by the central nervous system, which comprises the brain and spinal cord.  Voluntary muscle contractions are initiated in the brain!

action potentials are sent to muscle fibers. Action potentials do not arrive at muscles synchronously, and during a contraction some fraction of the fibers in the muscle will be firing at any given time. That is where we make the difference we increase that %.

Typically when a human is exerting a muscle as hard as they are "consciously" able, roughly one-third of the fibers in that muscle will be firing at once, but various physiological and psychological factors (including Golgi tendon organs and Renshaw cells) can affect that. This 'low' level of contraction is a protective mechanism to prevent avulsion of the tendon that lie on bones - the force generated by a 95% contraction of all fibers is sufficient to damage the body. 

Super results from both #1 Emily Batty and #3 Mical Dyck at Canadian #5. Both racers had their fit done by Steve Neal!  

Emily is putting her actions to work!  She  is getting control of her fate!

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