Monday, July 06, 2009

Cycling With a Purpose! To be better!

Everyone has heard stories about English majors who compose perfect term papers the night before the assignment is due. Our story (purpose) has taken 10 years to tell, a continuous role of reports! It has been daunting, as the right ideas and words can be elusive.

So our best way to communicate how good our fits works is to report the success of the many who use it week after week.

The truest sentence we know is more a simple declarative "Results". That says more about what we do than all the order we can put into a elaborately decided sentence.

You are our primary audience! It's your body and you mind we want! We want people who want to move better! You can't fake this, you earn every pedal stroke. It can be very frustrating and cause many difficulties if you don't know where your cleat go? How can you provide a better fit if the foot and cleat are not correct?

Wearing the same kit as the pros doesn't make you one! It means you are merely striving after them. The same holds true for the many fit ideas! You can't depend on magic to produce!

If you know a great deal about the subject, what will you expect to learn from our interactions. If you know only a few things about the subject, what will you expect to be told about it?

We never know until you show up?

Determining our purpose! What person does sport to do it poorly?

We find that to be baffling and perplexed? To have an idea or system without good results is pointless! But then again, perhaps its more about private social circles, marketing and running advertising that gets a horse to drink the water. Who cares if they can go, if they all go the same.

Our thesis sentence is to "blue print" your body for you, not to morph you to someone else, to "refine" you style. We have many years of purpose and tens of thousands of solutions in our data bank and we know what is best. We have so many race results we can't count them. Just ask anyone who has done it! Unless you have had it, you don't know what's required. It does seem to compel attention! Good by those who use it, bad by those hypocrites, people who pretend to be better than is really so, they are good taking your money? So what's up will all the success? It has helped many to become some of the best in the world! We have also seen a few go a new route only to drop out of the ranks.

You have to ask questions. Is there a position, are you a masher, a spinner? What's best? There are so many styles. Watch the Tour de France and note how it's more about managing the team. They play a lot of cards, sharing the work! It is a real hypocrisy (a pretending to be what one is not). They have a lot of different poker hands. They have a lot of different body shapes and styles, but always sharing the work. Each player has a job to do! In truth, it's more about putting a high-caliber group that contributes to the best poker hand, being smart, holding the winning hand (team) and how you work your rivals. Many different hypotheses can be formulated! Tactics? You know it!

So what about the mtb ride, it is more about the motor i.e. tt, about you and the turf you ride. You have to be very alert, very smart, very balanced and the bike has to react in a blink of the eye. You don't have a team to work or help control things. You have to make the power and you have to have the handling! You either go or go away!

Our purpose has not changed. To allow you to go! The people who use our high-tech ----GO!

We know we can't win every race. But if we don't win you can count on our users to get you near the top!

What are the sources of knowledge - direct experience, observation, hear say, hype or readings? Our knowledge gives special perspective on the type of cycling you wish to do.

Results from around the land:

Marathon: Breckenridge, CO

2. Jeremiah Bishop (MonaVie/Canondale WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish)

2. Pua Sawicki (Ellsworth WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish)

Pua was targeted to win the race, but was hambered by a very bad sinus infection, but still had enough to take silver. A tough thing to do!

BC Stage mtb Race


1 Ryan Trebon & Georgia Gould (WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish)
2. Jeff Neilson & Mical Dyck (WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish)
4. Sue Butler & Bryan Alders (WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish)

What does it take to be more informed , or better presuaded to do something that makes a difference in your game? See a dealer!

Be sure to check out & enjoy the Tour de France. Note the old school and now!!!

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