Thursday, June 04, 2009

We are not just a bike fit! We teach those who matter!

We are in business to help people get better! 

 You need a mind first!
Without a goal, what are you doing?
We speak our mind to you!
We don't tell you what you want to hear!
We tell you the truth!

"Speak your mind because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr.

(Mind) noun

1 The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought : as the thoughts ran through his mind.

  •     a person's mental processes contrasted with physical actions i.e. pedaling!

2  A person's intellect.
  • The state of normal mental functioning in a person i.e. riding like the rest of them!
3  A person's attention.
  • the will or determination to achieve something above the functional needs.
There are lot of ideas on how to swing the golf club in space and it is amazing how many play the game poorly, mindless? The same holds true for the pedal stroke, as so many don't seem to mind?

Closing one's mind to refuse to consider or acknowledge your cycling skills, i.e. doing something half minded, will reward  you with more time on the bike and use your mind on what ever is not the task at hand!  

If you are mindless, you can always find a perspective on what you should do and they will glad to take your money! Scientific advances in many areas have made improvements, but if the horse is not ready to drink, he doesn't care!

There are many variables that can never be proven due to the mind.  

An important issue to keep in mind is to adequately mimic actual cycling in the laboratory, a difficult task especially when you consider the long duration of most races or rides.

The fact that most fit solutions come from a static trainer is major problem. It's not real world even if you use 3D leds, or anything on top of the skin.  The  skin moves over the top of a joint and doesn't look at (compression, shearing, tension).

We are working with Kurt who makes the "Rock & Roll" to change this!  To capture more truth, not hype!  Because they mind!

Take in mind, the "levator palpebrae superioris", a muscle that elevates the upper eyelid. the muscle is linked to the uuperior rectus muscle by a check ligament, thus there is elevation of the upper eyelid when you gaze with the eye down the road.

It is important to appreciate that all eye movements usually require the coordinated activity of several muscles.  Muscles, which aid each other in a particular movements 'synergists". 

This concept is further complicated in the case of the eye where coordinated movements of both eyes are required in order that corresponding points of each retina will fixate on the line.

You can go out and note how few people understand that the 'mind's eye' has a lot to do with where and how you want to go and how well they do it? The next time you go out, note how many tilt their head to one side or the other?  Just wearing a bad pair of shades can retard your efforts!  Bad bike setup are the cause, and that comes from a lack of  common sense, plus a poor understand of motion sports!

Good thing cycling has slow speeds for the most part.  Going slow allows more time to do it poorly and check where should be going!  Your head/mind/eye is attached to your spine and there is only so much movement each one has! 

There are many who are blind to, lacking perception with concern?  We wonder why they are unable to appreciate or notice something so apparent?  Take a look at many of the tt bike setups!

A Testimonial:

I taught myself the ride when I was little and I've been riding ever since.  Before Wobble-naught and the use of Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, I was plagued by knee and back pain.  For years I read all the books and nothing was working, like so many did not pick my parents.  I have short legs and a long spine and it's hard to find bike that even works.  After finding the best solution, learning I need more reach, the pain was gone and I was able to ride longer and harder and see where I was going!  The Wobble-naught solution has allowed me to focus more on my riding. My back feels the best when I am on the bike!

James Lang, PA-C 
Physician Assistant
Boise Veterans Medical Center

A mind who cares!

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