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Monavie Cannondale " A New Look, Emv Drink"

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The launch of a new look for Monavie-Cannondale and a new energy drink called Emv. Love the blue! I will let you know it works, it has kick and you really fade slower. Their new bikes, the Cannondale Lefty bikes also looks hot!

Wobble-naught & My0-facts sEMG/Dartfish, bible in hand headed to SLC, UT to do some "hard preaching", as the team underwent not only a major convention, hard training, but also to make sure their bikes/brains where dialed. Our focus, from GM Matt Orhan was to teach each and everyone of his Monavie-Cannondale Pro Team what we have been doing with Sue Butler. All before some big races in the next few weeks.

When you start the preaching at 7am you need "strong java" and strong self-confidence with every word, bible in hand, held high, and you don't stop preaching the stroke until 11 pm or later. You need the energy to last and Matt Ohran - Director kept the Emv drink coming.

Truth is, if you like it or not computer and instrumentaion technologies continue to advance, and our ability to provide useful information to cyclists and coaches is making a huge difference.

Accurate interpretation and effective "preaching" of the data provided by these high-tech devices will demand a "strong voice", someone willing to take a stand up to all!

This continued research process will never end as long as Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG & Dartfish "Holds Church", always cutting new trails.

It's great to have a guy like 2008 National Short Track Champion J. Bishop on the team. He has a long history with us, for about 5 years now. His coach Hunter Allen knows we make a difference. Bishop was right there with his eyes and ears wide open and learning! He called me a "preacher", a person who preaches or is a minster, who delivers a sermon to a assembled group.

Think about it, these guys come from all over and they are perhaps the strongest 2009 "mtb" team going! They have already won about 22 races this year alone and to get their ears, you best know how to make everyone of them faster.

A dynamic analyses of cycling is only as good as the instructor. So really knowing the roles of movement patterns makes a difference. So many of fits today are off? In fact most of these pros have never had a fit.

A good question, can you see what goes on from a video? No! You can't see the muscles role from just a video or an (led) placed on the skin to track in 3D! The skin moves! You can't see the tone!
We knew this 15 years ago! That is why we did not go that way!

A smart pro team wants an edge, or better, not to just repeat history because of lack of understanding. If you are doing what every other team does, its only luck!

The Monavie-Cannondale Pro team is willing to learn! Each one had different needs and as soon as we had them dialed (bike/brain) and gave each one things to focus on, they where out on the steep trails loving it! They where all smiles when they came back from their rides.

Two-time USCF Collegiate Champion Ben Sonntag sums it up this way. Ben also has a full ride at Fort Lewis, CO, was also on the German XC Ski National team. Ben put it this way. He knows more about his muscles due to his understanding of XC than anyone he has come into contact until us. "I am my own coach, I seem to know more about the movement I need due to the years of XC skiing. In that sport, you have to focus or you go slow! But I must say, I really like the new bike setup and what I need to focus on!" We will see!

We all should learn from Ben Sonntag! It doesn't matter which school you go (US, German, Norway), you are the one who has to sort through it all. At some point, you have to move on to grow, get above a given team and learn not to repeat history and take it to another level! Schools provide solid ground work for you to learn, but the problem with the info is it is somethims i.e. old school. Most of the things that are taught at school have been around for a while.

It's easy to be cynical about college athletics. Sure, it's athletics, but it's often less collegiate and more corporate. Schools sue each other over marketing rights and the term "student athlete" seems as much an oxymoron as "business ethics" or "honest politician."

We know how the cycling "business ethics" is naught! Today, it seems to be fair play to email, skype, twitter, text message at will what another person or team is doing? Perhaps that form of networking, keeping tabs is good for road teams to keep up? But mtb is different! It is you and the course, not so much a team and pack fill!

In road, you can bring together top guns to help you win!

I would hate to think that our fit is based on just what we say at some race camp for pedaling instructions for our rivals to copy! Who's doing what?

It's our software that our rivals don't have that makes a difference. If the fit is off, your game will never have a chance i.e. just like hitting a golf shot, you might have the best swing, but if you don't make contact with the ball? Yeah, Right, Whatever!!!

Race Professionals:

Tinker Juarez
Sue Butler
Bart Gillespie
Mitchell Peterson
Bryan Alders
Leana Gerrard
Alex Grant
Jeremiah Bishop
Ben Sonntag
Matt Ohran
Bruke Swindlehurst (Part time)

Even two other caps where in the mix, Cannondale reps from CA., Steve Kwait and Engin Yesilyemis! A lot of fits to do and each one takes about as much energy as one can mustard! This is not easy, after all they all have heard how to go faster! We are pleased to help such an elite team.

Keep an eye on the mtb results!

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