Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Working at USA MTB Nats in Sun Valley, ID. Temp 25F in camp!

I know there is extreme heat through most of the country. So I wanted to show you what camp was like in the morning, it really wakes you up!

Camping just north of Ketchum, ID or better known to most as Sun Valley, ID. Mother nature had the AC on this morning, someone forgot to turn it off. I think this is as cold as I have ever seen it on July 4th. Oh well, I will never forget running a river w/ my oldest girl, age 26 young, Whitney at the age of 2 and it snowed on us in the boat on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, WY. The Rockies!

Working hard to get Pua Mata WN faster, she already is, but nothing like being WN Fast and some of her teammates, a 17 year old Cody Phillips who has a full ride to Lees-McRae College - Banner Elk, NC. They have a teammate who has our sticker on his seat post, he's a hot rod 19 year old Brendon Davids from South Africa. These young guys are coming, and Pua is already plenty fast, they listen to Pua. They took the Men (Brenda) & Women (Pua) Galena Grinder and not just by a few mins, they killed it. The plan is to be working the 4th July w/ the team. Got to take care of the young guys, they are the future, mtb is still alvie and what can we say about Pua, she is the real deal and brings the pudding!

Happy 4th of July!

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