Sunday, July 01, 2012

Great MTB Action in Idaho. Pua #1 & Amanda #2!

I have been attending the Galena Grinder for years. It's one tough mtb race.

This year, I got to watch last year WN'er Pua Mata and also Amanda Carey take on the 50-mile mostly single track, with a few steep fire roads. As expected, they went 1, 2.

Pua really put the (XC Style) hammer from the gun on the first of two 25 mile laps, in prep, she is attending this years US Nats just 19 miles down the road, pretty much a "must get hole shot" sprint from the gun up the side of Mt. Baldy "River Run".

At the end of the race, Pua repeats her Galena WN for the 2nd year and Amanda took 2nd. These WN users both had many mins ahead of the field. They should, they are the best in their game at 50 & 100 mile mtb races. Check their records!

Pua seems to be in form, race ready for US MTB Nats this coming weekend in Sun Valley area. Pua has a real chance at being in the top 5, even taking it, against London bound, long time (8.5 years) WN'er Georgia Gould. Georgia shot to the front and took the win last year, got the hole shot and never looked back with Katie Compton in toll. Amanda had a great race and took a top (7th or 8th), a top 10 at US Nats XC, very respectful for a 100 mile gal.

After many where cooked, Amanda said, after the 50 mile race Sat, I'm ready for the next 50. Amanda is not attending the US Nats XC this year, she has a 100 mile NUE event the next weekend. US Nats takes a lot out of you, so she is staying on her game plan.

What a great place to live, I get to watch the fastest mtb racers in the world come to Idaho. Many of them already live here or have e.g. Reba Rusch, Georgia Gould, Amanda Carey, etc... So pleased to see mtb still alive and kicking.

I rode the course ahead of the field and it was a very real challenge, even on a KTM 350. I twisted my right knee a few weeks ago. Nothing grand, just walking down my back steps (Alieve & ice).

I know most of the east is under major heat, by the way, it was 34 F at 6:30am in camp, frost on the bike and by 9:loam, sun out hit 80 F.

Great job Ladies!

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