Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gaining an Edge. Fitting and technique!

A good body needs a good mind in order to use it's high-performance power plant. The source of this mechanical power comes from the muscles the cyclist employs, the muscles moves the bones.

We know of no muscle that can push, so why have your bike set up for that?

Humans are very much like horses, they only drink water when they are ready. Let it be know, that if you don't care about the smallest %, you will not be the best. WN spent all day with this pro mtb racer. By the end of the day he was starting to get it!

The pics below are of mtb racer, Drew Edsall (Kenda) working hard to get the mind right, find the correct pedal force, get his muscle/ nerves activation spot on, and he now knows a thing or two about saddle height for the type of game he has his cross-hairs on! As so many have through the history of WN, we feel that the Kenda Pro will hit his target soon.

I will simply say, you are not born with it and it has to be learned and being open minded like Drew Edsall will make a difference for him.


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