Sunday, July 15, 2012

Amanda Carey (NUE) WN's a very hard Breck 100

One hundred mile mtb races is what Amanda lives for! After interacting with her at a 50 mile mtb, she said, "I ready for another 50."

In her own words:

"Wow. That was hard. Really, really hard. But also very fun! Happy to say I survived and won the Breck 100 today!"

WN'ing by 43min over 2nd!

1Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) WN10:09:01
2Jari Kirkland (Alpine Orthopaedics)0:43:02
3Tracy Thelen (Ascent Cycling)1:55:40
4Ryan Natalie (Yeti Beti)

Congrats Amanda!

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