Monday, July 09, 2012

Lots of "Stars & Strips" at USA MTB Nats, SV, ID

It was great to see so many people we have worked with and known through the years! It's not a love hate relationship! Many of them had super results and I went over to give them hand shake, or hug and a cheer.

If you have worked with as many guys & gals as we have, its hard to show favor when they all come together, by interacting with so many through the 35,000 fits and 12 years, there is going to be spite. For those souls, we only hope they keep in mind, that this is a game, a game should have good sportsmanship, meaning a person who behaves sportingly. Name dropping is going to happen, history is going to be shared. There are tribes and camps. Wow, this is like NASCAR!

How about waking up to 25 F 4th of July. Things where plenty hot the rest of the week.

Well that was a action packed week! A lot of work and I made a lot of new contact (tribes, braves), new fits, new teams, etc... It's better to go to Nats than go to Interbike , you meet the cream of the crop and you make contacts. Many "Stars & Strips", plus many a WN user on the podium, some older, some younger, after the many years, you only hope so!

Some really new, like a few days before their Nats, some obtaining their 4th US Nats, some even getting their 7th Stars & Strips! The XC is not ultra distance, it brings a different mind set.

It was held at Mt. Baldy, or better "River Run" and it's a cooker, it will take the stuffing out of the legs and had a real nasty rock section, On this ski run, the service road goes straight up and that had the racers stressed. But boy oh boy what a great place to see the many pedaling styles. The best rode away from the not so good!

There are many fit systems that claim they provide the fit or they promote they work with certain top pros? Not so! As I age, the world is not quite what it is claimed and we learn that money is the root of evil.

I will not provide names, but after working w/ so many of them at one time or another "I needed to know" if they really used. I very happy and pleased with the feedback. The only thing I'm not happy is how after 12 years the WN user still doesn't share with others that they use our system? It must make a difference, they don't want their rivials to know?

I heard a story where one of our long time users (big ego), a top dog, said to a GM of a team (tribe), we are the real deal, that it would for sure help this team, then added at their level. Funny! The warrior has spoken! Find me a brave who doesn't have a ego? It's what they do!

I leave the final US Nats and Idaho with great pride! I had a chance to approached many pros, in private about their bike setups, the answer, there was no way they would change from WN, or what got them to the top of their game. That's a good feeling after sticking to this for so long!

Nice to know!

I think Idaho did well having the US mtb Nats here for the last two years. I will miss it! Perhaps another day and time. Right now I understand the ultra distance will be held at Sun Valley, ID in 2013, super!

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