Friday, July 13, 2012

Sho-Air leads Pro UET both men & women!

How cool is it to know and provide WN Fast facts to these guys & gal!

These two dogs get on a hunt & get it done!

Davids takes Pro UET lead

at Galena, stage set for

Snowmass finale

Brendon Davids (RSA/Sho-Air - Specialized WN) earned the victory at the Galena Grinder Whit Henry Memorial, on Saturday in Idaho and took the overall USA Cycling Pro Mountain Bike Ultra Endurance Tour (Pro UET) lead. Monique 'Pua' Mata (Anaheim, Calif./Team Sho-Air WN Specialized) tallied yet another victory, adding to her commanding series lead on the women's side with only one event remaining.

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