Saturday, July 07, 2012

USA MTB Nats - Sun Valley, ID "An Ace is A Ace" Not cool!

Well it's been a long week for WN. Much of that time was spent, making sure many guys and gals where dialed, reviewing how to get the most from their game (thinking), fixing poor fits, fixing broken stems, fixing broken saddles, etc... Of course, you don't have to perform well!

It must be paying off. The Sho-Air team has stepped up to the plate and scored a couple of podiums. There is still much to come. Sho-Airs top gun Pua is racing today. Racing is racing, so you never know, but WN knows she has a fighting chance. The reason we know this, we have worked with most of the top guns she is racing at one time or another, plus we can see their pedal stroke, how they work, some so, some not! It's our job, it's what we do, we don't promote some product, we teach pedaling and people how to WN.

You have no idea how many e-mails have been sent through the years to the best races in the world. They all share a common ground, they had to learn. It's a sport, you have to learn it, you are not born with it! For sure, many have been paid off for one reason are another, mostly money. That's why you don't see our logo all over everything!


The neat thing about racing, you can't never know what the mind of the racer is thinking?
So to claim that they are going to kill it is a bit far fetched! The best you can do is provide the best horseshoe, the best truth you can. The rest is between their ears, if they can focus on the the things WN teaches them, they do well.

OK, this is not the TDF, a tt, a tri, or a road race or track, With the WN MTB fit, not a road bike fit that comes from the many mass marketing sizzle fits, basic at best, only using a plumb line, a racer can reach their dreams, even if they just had the fit only a few days before the event! Cody Phillips standing on the podium! His bike fit was a mess!

A racer should never have some fit system ruin their season, have their body (feet, back) hurting, because the pro fitter doesn't know the different event needs! To have to move a saddle height over 23mm is a crying shame, plus change the reach by 6cm is a crime! In fact, the bike was the wrong size? Come on! If you want results from the race horse, you best get the correct horse shoes on that horse, to give it a fighting chance!

Shame on you! You know who you are! So your at the US Open Golf, don't bring a sand wedge to the tee if you expect a good performance! And by the way, the golf swing that's being taught is "WRONG" for the shot! The horse didn't have a chance, he couldn't even put the club on the ball, so the pretty swing would never make a difference! The cleats where off 13mm?

Every stroke counts! If you can't address the pedals.... game over all season!

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