Sunday, January 30, 2011

Congratulations to Vos, Compton and Nash! Worlds CX.

Compton and Nash did well all season. They where in the top three in the US cyclocross races this past season with Gould. Great results at the World CX Championships let you know what level of cx racing we have in the US. These gals are the real deal and some of the best racing you will see anywhere.

But there are others from the US who also race, most of them finished almost 5 min. off the winning times, 26th to 30th. Goes to show you what starting on the line means in CX.

There was one DNF, it was Sue Butler.

We got word from Sue's husband Tim Butler that Sue crashed hard on the 2nd lap, cut her hip, and even shattered her helmet. She was taken to a hospital for stitches and x-rays. Stitches in her hip, bruises all over her back, and a mild concussion.

From what we know, there was a ton of racers crashing. Sue charged, going around a few German gals and hit the deck harder! The faster you go the faster and harder the wreck when it happens, the one that gets you, you never know what happened. Sue was race ready, to give it her all perhaps more. She has respect!

Read her story:

It's sad that Compton didn't get her "Gold", the feeling or humiliation, the distress must really hurt? She has nothing to be a shamed of, she had a super year.

Luna pro Nash gets third and she has been a fast CX racer most of 2010. So to have Compton and Nash is super.

Some will review the other US gals who came in somewhere back at 26th to 30th and make their judgements. Those are the people who have no clue what's it like to start well behind the point leaders.

The USA did an outstanding job. Hats off to all the gals who went Worlds.

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