Thursday, February 03, 2011

Only Your Nose Knows? Or does it? Watts Up about saddles?

When is the last time you been on a cover page?
Kate uses our fit, she even paid for it!!!
We know why she is WN Fast!

Word of mouth, tradition, or intuition for their veracity (conformity to facts; accuracy).

The picture above is of a Selle Italia saddle with a nose. Selle Italia is attempting to make a "Friction Free" saddle, to eliminate friction between thighs & saddle.

Fizik is making their saddle more flat and more narrow!

ISM is really strong in straight line events, tri and gaining in tt.

New for 2011 and all about straight line performance!

Their report: From the start gate to the finish line, you will slice through the competition. ISM’s winning design allows for increased hip rotation, thus decreasing a rider’s aerodynamic drag and opens the diaphragm for easier breathing. Riders report an increase in wattage due to the more aggressive positioning. Sloped front arms provide extra relief to the superficial perineal space. NO NUMBNESS – NO PAIN. Uses light weight foam and gel pads with titanium alloy rails. 245mm long and 130mm wide.

Available in Black or White

MSRP $224.95

We have been telling the industry for years that hip rotation is key for performance.

That is why we find the correct tilt of saddle, not eye it.

But a 800 lb. ape can't communicate.

They claim upright is the way to go?

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