Saturday, January 01, 2011

Top Price for a Word Cup race. A " Red Scooter"?

Ever think about racing the UCI World Cup and dream what the rewards are? Well, here you go!
You too can win a "Red Scooter"

Now there is something to train every day for ten years & race your ass off for. Then you can have it to pace behind, if you can find someone who has the time.
After all, they get about 90 miles per gallon.

I'm sorry, but the cycle industry needs to dump some money into the cycling sport. Perhaps UCI and people who put on these races just think everyone does this for fun, after all, you don't need money. If that is the case, you will never attract humans that can make much more money in other sports!

In the US, a red scooter "Little Buddy 125" cost about $2,700 new, so the dealer pays about $1.200 or less.
The price of a rental per month in Sun Valley, ID

I don't wish to be a dream killer about the pay out of World Cup pay out, but the sport needs to go to NASCAR, get schooled on how too, and learn how to attract kids.
No wonder Michel Schumacher did F1.

Now a "Red Ferrari"
That's different!!!

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