Saturday, January 08, 2011

It's only fitting that Shawn Mitchell (WN) Takes UTCX Last Call Race

After taking both men and women overall, it's only (fitting) or (bike fitting) that another Wobble-naught CAD bike fitted person takes the last cyclocross race of Utah's UTCX series.

Think about it! Today you have BG Fit, Retul, and a ton of other ideas are being used in Utah for bike fitting, yet we take it to the track and we get results.

They all present the idea, that they are the perfect solution. Are they?

We have been nice, but enough is enough! When is it time to you point out what works best? We have had the fastest riders in the state of Utah for years. Team Biogen, road Jeff Louder BMC, mtb Alex Grant, the list has been long. We have done our homework and it shows.

For example: Bart Gillespie and Kris Walker Take 2010 State Cyclocross Titles

Results - Ph.D. PT Bart Gillespie Results - M.D. Kris Walker. Results - Shawn Micthell

Shawn Mitchell is one of the first to decide to use our know how. He started kicking ass over 11 years ago and still WN'ing!

Utah is well know to have a bunch of fast & tough racers, both men and women. It's also known as a place, where people do things their way.

This weekend was the last race that Matt Ohran of the UTCX series put on.

For Shawn to go down and race and WN is a just what he needed to get him focused for the new year.

Shawn had a good showing at Nats., in Bend, OR. Shawn is one of the many who have not "thrown in the towel" to the mass marketing fitting ideas.

What kind of science is hanging a plumb-line from your knee as the top fittings systems do?

"Fake it till you make it will never work on the race track and this is just another example"

WN is the real deal!

You have a choice, you don't have to be pack fill!!!

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