Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Intelligent Verses Will?

The images above look very close to being the same, but they are not. Some might say they send the same message in the design. They might look the same, but they serve a different function. There is a practical use or purpose in the design.

Human's are very much like other animal's, they need to understand what is expected! It does not matter if you are young, old, male or female.

They are very suspicious and resentful unless you provide them reasons!

Some might not know the difference from a horse Equus caballus and a mule crossbred, perhaps even an ass, or the never trained zebra they all belong to Genus Equus horse family.

Out of them all, mules are very intelligent, they think over what they are being taught. So it may sometimes take longer to get the reaction that your looking for. But when they get it, they get it and understand what is expected.

While training a mule, it is very important to "read" the mule's responses and be willing to adjust the training techniques to help the mule understand what is expected.

Impatience, force, and abuse will make a mule suspicious and resentful (it might get you kicked). A mule's kick hits it mark every time 360-degrees, a horse just let's it rip into space.

So slower will get you there faster.

Is it true that you do not have to shoe mules?

Yes, mules hoof walls are very thick, smaller than a horse. Many people never shoe their mules, no horse shoes (cleats), so they slip and slide? However, if you are doing hard riding in mountains, rocky areas or many miles on gravel, it is a good idea to shoe your mule precisley to prevent soreness and cracking and much better go.

Cycling may seem straight forward, but it's very complex. It's not as simple as just quads and hamstrings.

For every force, there is an opposite! Funny how few know this?

I know many of you are going to protest this. Golf is another sport that few really know, they just play. HITTING UP MAKES THE BALL GO DOWN...TOPPED SHOTS! ... Done properly, you will compress the golf ball more than you have ever imagined! ... Our crusade is to teach people what the "correct information" what's really is in the ... Science, and the Laws of Force and Motion,

For example: the prime function of the glutes is to extend your hip, abduction which is moving your leg away from your body to the side.

Another example: The hip flexors are muscles that lift your knees, they are also well known to become chronic tight which causes posture problems.

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