Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wind Tunnel called "Black-Magic"

To go faster you have to make power, wattage. The faster you go the more power you need to overcome the drag. This power comes from getting the most from your whole body, mostly your legs. In fact, UCI has set constraints to what you can and can't do. For example; the rule states you have to be 5cm with the nose of any saddle behind the center of the bottom bracket. That's what we do, we place the nose of your saddle, using our laser to the mm. Why, because then we can take the hips and allow them to get the most from your legs. The upper body then is dropped as much as the human can hide behind their hands. All for about $200. We have won many tt races. Read and note how much a wind tunnel will cost you.

I think the cycling guys need to take us DH skiing, they might learn a few things about getting aero. Of course, a bike doesn't go as fast as a snow skier, so I don't think they will ever catch up. We have been hiding behind our hands, our arms, tucking our head in a tuck much longer than the cycling folks.

In fact, we where in wind tunnels on skis many years ago. So what did we learn? If you can't use your legs to fight the G's your in real trouble, you might be in the thrown into trees, off course, after hitting 80+mph, now days you have fences to catch those to attempt to get so aero.

WN dealers have been w/ the fastest people in the cycling game. We know that when you go to a wind-tunnel they don't tell you how to set your bike up. And they don't teach you how to pedal. We have been in tunnels from South East to South West and even North West.

The price ranges from $395 per hour to $1.000 per hour and you can become more aero. But that doesn't mean you are going to go faster. That takes know how.

Too funny, Sutherland’s final position put his stem 1 centimeter higher, his elbows 5cm closer and his extensions 4cm further out. His saddle position (already as far forward as the UCI allows) is unchanged.

There seems to be an idea that to improve, you have to adapt to the bike? We don't think you can improve your pedaling if you don't set the constraints for your bones to move, and for them to move you need to have your muscles have the best range of motion.

If you don't get blood to every part of your body, stack your bones for (compression, shearing, and tension) you can't improve, you just wear out quicker.

“His head’s better, but he can’t hold it consistently,” Giraud says to Boardman. “It’s not a realistic position.”

We have seen this many times, people pay huge money to get into a wind tunnel. So what do they really learn?

“Finally!” Giraud says. “He’s learning how to make his equipment come to him.”

Wow! That's what we have been saying for 10 years!

"You Can't Push A Rope"

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