Friday, January 07, 2011

WN Men & Women take UTCX (Utah Cyclocross) Titles!

Matt Ohran, the Cannondale rep from SLC, UT., came to Boise, ID to get all his bikes dialed. Matt broke his back a few years back racing Cannondale dirt bikes in a desert race at about 80 mph +. Ouch!

Matt has had more bike fits than anyone in our history, about 6 per year.

Why WN, because it's the best he can find and he can't ride without pain unless he allows us to dial him in.

Matt is one of reason we have races, he works all week and then puts on a race every weekend. He informed us that he had about 500 cyclocross racers in his UT. series each week. A good turn out.

Utah Cyclcross ( Last race Jan 8th, 2011

N users
takes both men and women series!

Bart Gillespie and Kris Walker
Take 2010 State Cyclocross Titles

Utah Cyclocross raises money for cancer. That means everyone who helped make the UTCX Cross Out Cancer event a huge success. The total funds raised so far is $27,623.85 Nice Work!

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