Monday, July 20, 2009

Georgia Gould takes USA Short-track Nationals!

Georgia Gould took her first US National crown in 2006 in cross-country, then went on to be a force in cross. Sunday, Georgia just took her first US National short-track in what might be one of the toughest climbs the pros race mtb on!  She is adding up the stories for her storybook!

No question confidence is important when you race, but if your bike is off, it will show up on the hill!  As we say, we see that almost any type of fit or pedal style works on the flats in road  i.e. Tour de France didn't alter the top standings for a whole week.  

In the sport of road racing, on the flats, you have teammates, slowing things down, blocking, speeding things up, getting pulled, etc...  A GM in your ear telling you how to do everything and when.  It's more about getting people to work together against your rival teams.   We feel, just  like in the Tour de France, the mountain stage makes the case on who's who and it's the most fun to watch!  It shows who can hang tough!

"it's hard day and it really shows who's the best" Armstrong said.  He saw the reality in Verbier, Switzerland, as his teammate Alberto Contador dominant the field i.e. Georgia climbing to her short-track USA Championships!  You have to give it everything you have and its you against gravity in Alpine races!

As we have said, you have to out-suffer the contenders to take a win when you race at high alpine country i.e. Winter Park, CO. The day before, Georgia had a chain issue and that took her out of the hunt.  "Georgia -  pointed out that this alpine race with the long climbs is fitness-based.  

It also doesn't hurt to have your bike tracking on course when you climb.  You hands in the correct space, your hips just so, the pedal stroke, etc....  Out of the top 12 spots, 6 of the lung-burner's have been fitted by our WN CAD.  You might say that is a good trend!  We know you can't win every tournament, but we aren't surprised.  These pros know we make a difference, that's why they use us!

One fall, in Denver we even had Heather Irmiger hooked up to the sEMG and used the Dartfish on her while at a show for Nat Ross a Subaru / Gary fisher teammate. 

Sunday was a day to show she has the fitness and the strongest legs in lung-searing climbs at the Sol Vista ski area just across the road from Winter Park.  I have been there many times and its all about getting air.

Lea Davison had a good race and took third.  Lea pointed out how important your pace, something Georgia has always worked on.  Pua Sawicki, coming from 24 hour racing has learned how important the hole shot is and took that.

1Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team)  WN & Myo-facts  
2Heather Irmiger (Subaru / Gary Fisher)  
3Lea Davison (Maxxis / Rocky Mountain) WN & Myo-facts  
4Willow Koerber (Subaru / Gary Fisher)  
5Mary Mcconneloug (KENDA / Seven / NoTubes)  
6Kelli Emmett (Giant Bicycles)  
7Judy Freeman (Tough Girl / SCOTT) WN & Myo-facts  
8Chloe Forsman (Luna Pro Team) WN & Myo-facts  
9Pua Sawicki (Ellsworth)   WN & Myo-facts  
10Zephanie Blasi (Kenda / Tomac / Hayes)  
11Alison Dunlap (Luna Pro Team)  
12Susan Butler (Monavie / WN & Myo-facts

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