Monday, July 20, 2009

German National's - Sonntag makes Podium!!!

German National Mountain Bike Championships

Ben Sonntag of Team Monavie-Cannondale, using our services gets on the podium at the German National Mountain Bike Championships!!!


“In the first muddy corner Wolfram Kurschat, who won the race and sits 2nd overall in the World Cup rankings, wanted to pass me on the inside but overshoot the turn and ran right into me.”


“We had a muddy weekend! Running the steep uphills and riding as much as possible. It was a tough fight! You feel like you’re putting out so much power, but feel like you’re standing still!”


5th place with all that happened! I’m super happy about my result, it justifies traveling 6000 miles back and forth for 2hrs of racing!!!”


“The Scalpel ripped through the thick muddy downhills!”


Keep an eye on this guy!

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