Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What matters?

 I was invited to attend a local crit put on by local retailer name Bob's Cycles.  I just started working with many of the new memeber's  of elite team . Each one of them has had their bikes dialed, plus used the Dartfish.  They have also done their homework!  

So often, we get teams in to get their bikes dialed and then they just go ride?  They don't care to do their homework, but get tested and pay good money every month for the best training?  

Sent to us claiming their the new "Holy Grail" of improved performance? 

 X,Y,Z is the compete resource for cyclists looking for improved performance and we offer a wide variety of services and products specific to that goal. 

We have impressed upon the Bob's Elite Team to focus and get their mind on doing things that are achievable.  We have pointed out to them, in the past, the team issues, like so many teams was just ride and look at the watts, then have someone instruct them on what to do?  No focus on the stroke?

Different strokes for different folks comes to mind.  Ha!

A very real truth, when you ride on a team, you might not have a choice on what products or services you can use.  This is not a bad thing.  It's a terrific thing, in fact it allows us to see what really works. We see a lot of science or better theory for a course of action.  Doing all the testing in the world is not going to make you go faster!  It is a good thing to have if you charge someone a fee every month. 

The bottom line with the Elite Bob's team is they went through all that theory last year.  This year they are doing better as they work on their strokes.

The sport has many giant-sized egos, unions and they all work it, and I guess it best to believe in your theory, so it comes bubbling to the surface once they put on the club kit or go into business. 

So what matters here?  The best network?  The best hype? Or the best theory?  In theory, things can only get better; in practice, they may become a lot worse.

We think what matters is the results!

The fact that the guys and gals from Bob's Elite Team are using our system, listening to our instructions and lapping their rivals!  Ask them what has made a difference and they inform you that they have their mind on what they are doing regarding the pedal stroke.

This just makes you feel  damn good!  We do things that make a difference, its not just a theory and we have the results to back up what we have been doing for 10 years now. For sure the other systems are not happy.  In fact I had one of the top guns, who is a coach, the leader of Bob's team wanting to come home.  As he put it the other service has made him slower, but he had to test it?  It sure has!!!  Sorry!

This weekend is a big race in the streets of downtown Boise.

Wells Fargo Twilight Criterium
Boise, Idaho. 

You can loose your soul if you pay attention to what a lot of people think.  

What matters is that anybody, no matter how old or what position in life, if you really want to focus your mind onto doing something, it's very achievable.

To be the top of the heap you have to understand what you mind and your body can give you. You always try to push what you know to another level, but it is best to focus on something that really makes a difference, your stroke.

Do something that makes a real difference!  Don't dream or have a self-deluding fantasy about your game, better don't buy into a clever metal marketing scheme.  If you want to get better, do it one stroke at a time as Chris Stuart has learn.  He even did his intern with us from BSU this past year and he has had the best season of his life.  He was already NCCA National Champ!

After winning the race, lapping the field, Chris came over and said I am doing the homework, one sentence at a time i.e. one pedal stoke at a time.  I have never felt so good!

Go get your bike blueprinted to your bones, get your cleats perfect,  go to work, do your homework, and focus on each stroke!  That has always made a difference!  That will get you down the road a lot faster and it's something you can get your foot around!  Something you can see and feel!  

We know many a person who has looked for a the medieval legend or full cup "Holy Grail" of insight!  They have a history,  a long history of jumping from one coach/theory to another for what they pursue.  They wish to uncover some secret plan, not meant to be known by others?

The fact is you have to earn your game, to work on your stroke one stroke at a time, not just ride.  It's good to dream, to have desire, but to what's reasonably expected! 

This is not a mystery!  You have to have your bike setup just like the golfer has to have his golf club on the ball or miss it!  Deceitful pedal strokes are tested at the game!  

Drink from the "Hole Grail" all you want!  What matters are the "Results", one stroke at a time!!!

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