Wednesday, July 08, 2009

From the Horse's Mouth! Monavie-Cannondale Focused = Results!

The hardest thing in the world with our fit solution and teachings is getting the word out!  The racer doesn't want to have to race harder!  We had that happen for years after winning the biggest races in the world. Cycling is not known for the best sportsmanship. People will do anything to win and don't think they are going to ride up next to you and say, did you know?

So you work with the elite and who knows if they will use what you teach them?  How do we know what someone is thinking when they are in full race mode.  Is Lance Armstrong going to inform you that you  pedal style is not up to speed?  Are you kidding me?

Few are willing to share what they think, after all they want to race you.  We on the other hand can only point to more truth  after stacking the bones and then pointing out what we see they need to focus on.  We do that with the Dartfish, no guessing!  The pros are over the age of 18 years,  and they don't like to be told what to do!  If you have about 10 years at the pro level, you have seen and had to attend  a lot of hype.  

I recall working with the 7UP/Nutra-Fig pro team during their best season ever! The GM at one point, said to the racers about their equipment "shut up" and ride the bike.  So you do everything you can to get them towards the best solution and teach them as much as you can!

I worked on one bike, one brain for 5 hours, all the while, if this works I am going to tell the world!  He did not tell the world, but he won the biggest pro races out there. Once again, the top guns don't go around and tell the world to pedal better them!

Pro teams have heard everything,  so getting into their heads on what's needed to be better is not easy. They come in every shape and form, meaning  each one has something different they need to focus on! 

Understand what you do on  a trainer is not what you do in the real "outside" world!

So who is going to take note of every second, every pedal stroke.  The one who wants to win and can hold the pace and focus!

Breck Epic- every second, every pedal stroke counts…

July 7th, 2009

Jeremiah Bishop won the prologue at the Breck Epic Stage Race by 19 seconds over mountain bike legend and Olympian Travis Brown. Stage 1 he came from behind after a flat tire and squeaked out a 22 second advantage. On Stage 2 the battle continued, and after over 2 hours of racing Jeremiah came out on top by a mere 5 seconds.
So what does it take to make every second count? A very focused mind on every muscle in your body.

Attention to Detail!
Optimal Nutrition: At least 2 ounces of Monavie/day for your antioxidants, a varied diet, plenty of water, and Monavie Energy (Emv) for acute energy needs.

Optimal Equipment: The Cannondale Scalpel with Stan’s wheels, Kenda Tires, and Scrub Rotors is the ultimate tool for endurance mountain bike racing. At 20 lbs with 4″ of efficient travel, it just can’t be beat! Sugoi Team Monavie-Cannondale clothing is light, fast, and comfortable. It does what clothing is supposed to do, never crosses your mind. BD Flash hydration pack with Polarpak bladder is the lightest easiest means for getting fluids during a long race. If you have to train or race in the dark nothing is lighter and brighter than Exposure Lights.

Optimal Bike Fit: Wobble-Naught precision laser bike fitting places man and machine in the most efficient power producing position and trains the rider to get the most out of their body.

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