Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super D US ProXCT #1 Kenda Cup West

Things are heating up.  Believe it or not their are fans that watch our results with great focus. New contracts, new teams and oh yea, the many cultures that believe only in their type of game.
Like snow sports, you will have the downhill skiing folks bashing on the XC folks, them bashing on the half-pipe folks, and all of them bashing on snow borders.

Snow Bording never caught on?
Sport is where you find it!

As I sit with a long time friend Patrick Harper, a ex pro adventure racer who was the navigator
of Team Montrail who also had Multi World 24 Hour Champion Reba Rusch on that team.   We are sitting, watching  it snow here in Boise, ID and I showed him how warm it is in Fontana, CA from a email from Sue Butler (Mona Vie Cannondale).

As we went to the blog we noted a comment sent about Redlands.  We have a number of people on  the fit there.  Oh my!, it seems we have a "naysayer" who doesn't care to provide their name?  It's the same kind of naysayer that bashed adventure racing, 24 Hour races, mtb, cyclocross, etc...   Since Patrick was in a sport that only included cycling as part of the overall, their team would get bashed by other's that deemed it as a no-athletic sport.  

We both have had to deal with this type of person through the years.  I asked Patrick Harper, since he is was a adventure racer at the pro level why do the roadie types hate other cycling events.  We both agree, that the remarks are those of the "ultimate naysayer".

This person has sent us negative emails in the past. We are very pleased that they pay so close attention to our blog and our results.  

Fontana, CA had temps in the low 80's!

"Hi Tom,  Here in Fontlucky. Crazy warm! First race out of the way!  Just Super D, but was definitely focused on my form.  Getting back on the mtb feels good.  I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.  I have not expectations except to have fun in the sun."

Sue Butler (Monvie Cannondale)

Pro Women 

1)  Kelli Emmett (Giant)
2)  Sue Butler      (Mona Vie Cannondale)  Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
3)  Anina Aaron  (Kenda/KMC)

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