Monday, March 30, 2009

Georgia Gould (Luna) 3-peats at Fontana!

We don't want to rant about those who use our systems.  But, we do feel it important to point out who uses our systems and at what level.

Impressive opening round for Georgia Gould (Luna) at the opening USA Cycling's Pro Cross-country tour (ProXCT), at Southridge Park in Fontana, CA.

Georgia's extended her winning streak to 3 (07,08,09), with her teammante Shonny Vanlandingham as the only other person tho have won at the SoCal venue.  That's right, we work with Shonny Vanlandingham also!

A new gun, who we have been on the phone with, Canadian Emily Batty (Trek Bicycle Store) just had a super start to her season.  Last weekend, she won the U23 American Continental Championship.  As a another WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish  user just pulled off  her best-ever national level finish getting 4th!

"I felt absolutely awesome," said Batty after the race!

Also the 24 hour pro Pua Sawicki making her move to the (ProXCT) tour.  She was not happy with her 8th, so keep an eye on her.

Elite Women

1)  Georgia Gould (Luna)  WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish               1.35.13
2) Catherine Pendrel (Luna)                                                               1.36
3) Heather Irmiger (Subaru-Gary)                                                    3.07
4) Emily Batty (Trek Bicycle Store) WN & Myo-facts Dartfish    4.46
5) Willow Koerber  (Subaru-Gary)                                                    6.10
6) Amanda Sin   (3 Rox Racing)                                                          6.12
7) Kelli Emmett (Giant MTB Team)                                                  9.14
8) Pua Sawicki   (Ellsworth) WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish                9.51
9) Melanie McQuaid  (ShoAir/Specilaized)                                    10.15
10) Allison Mann     (Ie Bikes)                                                           11.43
12) Chloe Forsman (Luna)  WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish                 14.55
18) Sue Butler (Monavie)  WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish

Its going to be a great season!

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