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Sam Krieg Rolls the Dice "Gets his body Blue-Printed."

We know that it must be hard to change your ways, with the Internet, there is a lot of misleading marketing out there, but sometimes you have to make a change to get better!  Even if you have thousands of hours using a power meter, wind tunnel or read the many proclaimed experts that their way is best!  If you don't improve, they can always say it's due to your "mom & dad" and they understand you did not have a choice in picking them! 

This sport has long been a sport of "blood, guts & copy-cats."  Not unlike skiing, the sport has a rich history of copying what the next person does if they are winning, but copying the winner's hair style will not make you a winner.  It's not what is important. With all the hype, the problem is telling which is the original and which is a copy?  Check out our history and note the tools we brought to the sport years ago! You can say anything on your web site, say anything you want on your web blog but can you back it up with real results?  The only thing we can do is take the ideas to the race and let the outcomes be the final score!  Then track them for 5 to 10 years, you might find more truth!  We have success with all shapes and sizes every year!  Change the brain, change the game!

The sport is not defined by one person's movements e.g. "Lance Armstrong."  For the record, it is well known that Lance Armstrong has even fired these type of people!  A lot of people attempt to ride the shirt tail of top guns in any sport for capital gain!  

I just saw a major cycling site that has an large ad on its home page and within the website, it says we can't do what we do using CAD? How would they know what we do? Simply put, they don't understand what we do! They paid big bucks to be on the home page of a major cycling site.  In a round about way, they pointed out that you can't use CAD on humans to find a "blue-print" of the bones?  I guess they did not know that muscles move bones, sad, as they said they even worked with EMG?  I guess they don't understand cross-sections of muscles and how muscles work?  To them and all their misleading hype, sorry! These same people use to work with one of the largest names in the sport?  Not any more! I am starting to understand why.

Perhaps more people need to take up golf or skiing over go-carts and learn how to move their bones! Just calling a ace, an ace! We can' claim anything, and we don't spend huge money on the misleading hype, we only show you true results!  By the way, the CAD is just the "tip of the ice berg."  You still have to learn, that is if you have a open mind!

Rolling the Dice in VEGAS!

After 1 month of adapting to his new Wobble-Naught fit Sam Krieg( Peaks Coaching Group Coach and Athlete) was able to throw down in sunny Las Vegas. It was the first time he went all out in his new position. He has been holding back and adapting to the new fit. His patience paid off big time with a great result and some personal best wattages.

3rd Place GC (PR0 1-2) at the Callville Bay Classic Stage Race in LAS VEGAS!

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This past weekend was a great example of training hard and paying attention to details can bring about some great results. For the past several months Sam has been training smarter than ever before. His new fit with Tom Coleman at Wobble Naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish has started to show some impressive results. Sam rode a personal best of near 6 watts to kilo during the opening time trial at the Callville Classic. This was Sam’s first ride outside this year. Living in Idaho his training has been exclusively indoor. This was good enough for 3rd in the Time Trial only 15 seconds back of former Australian National TT Champion Ben Day! Sam was amped to be even in the ball-park of such a great rider. Coming off 8 super hard weeks of indoor training he didn’t know quite what to expect.

“I had heard that Ben was here racing today, and I had seen where he won some huge California race this past month beating Landis and several other top Pro’s. I was super nervous and had no idea what to expect. I literally haven’t ridden outside in about 2 months. I just opened up the throttle slowly, and let my legs rip. It felt great, I was hammering all out and my fitness and new fit just took over.”

The road race came down to an 8 man selection where Ben Day eventually bridged across to Tommy Nelson and the duo rode away with the stage. Sam eventually was able to attack his way out of the lead group to finish 2 minutes up on the other chasing riders. Which pretty much sealed the deal on 3rd place for Sam in the GC, and 4th on the road race stage.

“ I followed Day’s teammates attack and found myself with a nice 8 meter gap in limbo in front of the chasers and just behind Day’s teammate. I couldn’t close the gap to the Australian Airline rider, but I kept him at 15 seconds for about 7 miles. After tons of hours suffering in my basement I just put my head down and hammered. I had a rider sitting on, but I was happy to drill the last 20 minutes of the race pretty much solo with 6 guys chasing. I just kept the legs turning around 360 watts until my gap opened up to several minutes and I could relax a bit. It was just rad to get outside and race. It has been a long and hard winter, and it felt incredible to get some results and check and see if the hard work has paid off.”

To repeat the same thing over and over in hopes of improvement can lead you to serious mental issues! 

What if you spend 5 to 10 years doing some thing that way, when you might have more?

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