Monday, March 09, 2009

Kenda Pro Team obtains "Results" almost coast-to-coast!

We just had camp in Greenville, SC and already the "RESULTS" (aka TRENDS) are in! We can't claim coast-to-coast, but almost. With that much distance and ground, you know there are many fitting systems and ideas out there being used on the regional racers! And you know many of those racers/clubs have been provided the latest bikes, the fitting sizzle, paid to be on the many kits, by their bike shop or fit center thinking they are going to be more powerful and perhaps obtain more results. That is why you get behind a given team, to promote what you think works, to promote your store or fit center.

So let's be real here. Someone out there is going to have a heated argument about these results. Saying that it's at the regional or state level. That's right, if you can't obtain results or win at the regional level with the "latest & greatest high-tech" how in the world do you think you can step up to the plate at larger races like the Amgen Tour of CA? Some will even say, those racers would perform well without our fit solution, so why do they use it? I can't tell you how many times I have seen a true pro racing and mixing it up at the regional level. A race is a race and people don't race to come in second!

Our rivals also blog that we can't do what we do? They say you can't use CAD to find the best solution or the best "blue-print", that humans are not motors! Perhaps they should take up gravity sports, they would learn a few things. These same people will also inform you they can do what we do and even better. I saw where one person claims he can see and adjust you by 1 mm? Did they mean 1cm, how can they see the joint and the forces e.g compression, shearing, tension? Don't tell that to the Kenda Pro Team -

"When the racers were on the " Kurt Rock & Roll," using the Dartfish, working on their stroke, I asked each and everyone of them if they're aware of all the new fitting stuff? They all said, are you kidding me? WHY?" Racers will not use anything that doesn't make them better!

And many of them will not waste time reading all the hype on web sites. They let their legs do the talking. MTB pro Shonny Vanlandingham put it this way! Why would I want bad info in my head? Its like reading a newspaper or watching the news where most of the stuff is bad. I don't care to have that in my mind!

Results, from North Carolina with Rich Harper to Ohio with Marco Aledia to Mexico with Jaime Gandare to Arizona with Jonathan Parrish; the Kenda Pro Team is quickly discerning the distance they can put on their rivals, feeling firsthand how our teaching methods allows them to make more power, pushing them to another zip code!

Given all the new fitting systems and marketing, it makes you wonder what they're marketing?

Let's go racing boy's & girls!

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