Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jeff Louder (BMC) Wins First Stage of the Redlands Classic

"As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary"  - Ernest Hemingway

There are a lot of ideas & systems on the market today.  Many of these ideas have not been tested!  Once again, going hard on a windy day will let you know if your bike is allowing you to find the best range-of-motion (ROM) & the best-line-of-pull.

"The best-line-of-pull can be confused with the best-line-of-bull" -TC

To many of you, this might not look important, but it is!  This isn't the kind of stuff you can see using video or other systems that place things on the skin.
This is a axial view model of the hip with the compartments!

This is a sagittal view of the same area using MRI showing the muscles and their arrangements or better the line-of-pull!

You just need to know what you are looking at!

The true test of something is to throw it into the game and see how it works!  We have seen large mass marketing powers place products on the market, profit, and then take 10 years for the masses to learn that it was not the best product!

There is a very real problem in this sport!  Some don't think that a few cm's here or there don't make a difference.  What's wrong with this line of thinking?

Let's go racing boy's!  We are taking the biggest races in the land.  Results that come from different people with different sizes, shapes and forms that show a trend that we are on course! 

"When you address the bones, you then find the best ROM & the best line-of-pull of the muscle system" -TC

Would you prefer us to place ads (line-of-bull) like the movie "Wang the dog" with heroes on the pages?  

Congrats Mr. Louder and thanks for sticking to our way of thinking!

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