Monday, March 30, 2009

Jeff Louder (BMC) Wins Redlands Classic!

Jeff Louder (BMC) had a solid performance in his battle in CA, that allowed him to win the 2009 Redlands Bicycle Classic overall. The BMC team pulled together and rode stronger than the rest of the field. A field of about 200 racers.

At the age of 31, 2009 might be Jeff Louder's best season. Jeff seems to have learned what he can do while racing at the Amgen Tour of CA where he put in a few impressive efforts. When you have a chance to race the biggest names in the sport, it can give you insight on what you can & can't do! You remember how to do it, and it's a matter of getting it done.

Success equals more success and this will provide momentum for upcoming tournaments. This win validates his efforts. Keep an eye on Jeff Louder this 2009!

Bias cycle fans out there are going to bash his success at Redlands and provide forceful assertions that we had nothing to do with it. That is racing and that is sport and that is the nature of rivals! The old west still alive! That is also the characteristic of Baron's who want to control the outcome of things. That is what makes sport so interesting. Pressure is what it's all about!

We can't always recruit the top teams or the No. 1 players, nor can we claim the perfect stroke made a difference. It's what make it even more "awesome" when we see WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish user's bring forth their best athleticism!

So you have 200 racers in a field and you have a guy taking the GC using our blueprint! This is just like a Tiger Woods after having a person work with him on his game! Sure, Tiger is the driving force behind his game, he controls his game, but just listen to the support of his caddy "Steve" and he also works and listens to his swing coach!

Pressure comes when you assert or strive that something make a difference like a bike pedal stroke. You are in a tough campaign to achieve an argument contending not one, but many parties. Bias is a predisposition either for or against something. Bias in cycling on course and retail can even become radical to the point of bigotry, referring to an intense dislike and often violent hatred for the members of one team over the other.

Provincialism is a narrow-mindedness that results from a lack of exposure to cultural or intellectual activity and, in most cases, overpowering intolerance for one club vs. others.
There is a lot on the line when you stand behind your argument, when you put your name behind the speech. Some chose to remain anonymous with their comments, perhaps its too hard to stand for what you think?

Remember there are those who want you to go away!

Particularly in the underground prejudice that invoke favoritism at the grass roots level. The "Hatfield's & McCoys", differing in views, fight vigorously! The ill will comes forth! You battle for every inch!

The bike pedal stroke is not clear! It is not a sport that tells you if you make every stroke perfectly like a golf stroke or even a ski turn more accurately, or how you drive a car around a left hand banked turn. There are 5'000 plus strokes per hour, then you have two hands and your butt (crutches) for your feet to move under, so its hard to pinpoint each stroke! No one clearly does each one in perfect form each and every time.

Then you have the road teams which group up for a common goal. To get their strongest player to win and you know they are not all doing the same pedal stroke!

There are a lot of ideas on how to coerce what's best! There is a lot of persuasion, influence, or intimidation to make someone do something (urgency marketing) because one fit center has their own methods over another!

At any race, you need to be able to work under pressure and not get flustered by offenders who want you to go away!

That's what makes a difference! You have to stick to your guns and hope you win a number of battles through the never ending war!

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