Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tournament tested, Tournament Proven!

Once again, designing and engineering your fit around the bones can make a difference! 

We are setting new course records across the land.  We just got word from our pro fitter in Asheville, N.C., Andy Applegate, who holds 8 National Championships himself, that a young man with a well known sister who is a mtb pro just got fitted and is burning up the tracks.  He just set a new course record.  

We can't use their name, in respect to their contracts.  They are however in our data base!

This is not a shock, but the trend since 2000!  Want to go faster, get fit and then learn to pedal! This has been the case since day one!  Just because you have the best gear doesn't mean you know how to use it!  In many cases, those who have the best gear are not the ones who haul it! There is more to it than money!

So how does one break the long-established tradition of cycling?  Join a national political union that further their rights & protect their own self interests, join a club "birds of a feather" to get better deals ($$$) over retail or ride with the local status for approval?  

Should I hang out with Tiger Woods "Therefore I am."  

High-tech is not in the scriptures, or from the oral teachings?  The oral laws of the tough-minded cycling prophets and apostles didn't ascribed to such ways!  Another way to view this, is kids today know more about software than you know, they grew up with it!

Knowing sport tradition, we where going to anger the tough-minded,  with strong feelings of annoyance, displeasure, and even hostility.  We knew this was going to be a long term process to bring cycling into the 21st Century not to confuse with a "Century-to ride or race for 100 miles."  

We had to invent our own software (CAD) preforming our own biomechanic research and with people holding the highest of degrees and from around the world.  It had not existed before nor had the prophets signed off on such means.  This is after all has been a sport of blood, guts and mental toughness that allows you to withstand adverse conditions and holding a uncompromising attitude.

We then had to Alpha Test, a series test working through 1,000 fits, then we moved into the Beta Test phase, another 1,000 fits!  We even tested it in the market for one year, to see if people would want the service!  We went to the smallest shop in town to see what an impact it would have on the local market.  After all there are retail outlets that have been around for years.  Throw the kid out into the world and let the hard knocks come and they did and still do!  
As the Wenzel's put it, take that software to the true test,  during tournaments. We had our mtb fit, but  felt it important to listen and worked with the Wenzel's for few years on real road issues.  All before we placed the software on-line! Our quest was to make a software that really does something & not just be flash!

Professionals who had years in their field in 1999, who worked with sports medicine, kinesiology and orthopaedic needs, Ph.D's, PT's, PA's, Engineering professionals e.g. Curtis Wardhaugh our project manager with a Engineering P.E. next to their name, plus Noraxon's team of biomechanics research engineers "The world leader in EMG technology" holding multi master degrees designing telemetry, fixed cable, biofeedback for research and clinical, for the first groundbreaking CAD that is a true 3D of the joints. We flew our whole staff to AZ to work in their lab.

With all this professional "horse power", we knew we had to approached the fit solution from not the skin, not power, not the eye, or led, or video or other methods... but understood the issues are the forces of "compression, shearing, tension" within the bone joints. Only by stacking the bones, designing the best joint range of motion can you find the best line of pull and the best range of motion of muscles. However, it does take time to unlearn, then learn what's important for you, but it's worth it!

Then we used a $40,000 Noraxon sEMG in an attempt to teach more truth about what goes on within the muscles, only for many (who don't understand EMG and how we used it) to claim they knew more about sEMG than us? They would even make fun of our name Myo-facts sEMG, not knowing that Myo-means muscle and facts-mean truth.

Humans are funny! Even with all this, they still listen to the naysayers voice? You bet, if you didn't have the software the people who performs fits are going to oppose! Don't tell that to Georgia Gould and J. Bishop and many who have obtained world championships.

Then we worked with Sebastien Dubuis and the company president Victor Bergonzol and after a number of years signed a contract with Dartfish. It is the most advanced video technology available on the market for technical & tactical analyses!

Once again to teach and show more truth to the concerned eye! As Mr. Bergonzol puts it, you still have to know what to look for, just like a golf pro, ski pro, tennis pro, etc... Dartfish watched our results roll in! That is why we know your fit measurements work, that is why the CAD makes a difference, allowing the very best use of Dartfish. Dartfish does have staff and reps, so a few of the reps provided free use of their high-tech software to a few known fitters only for those fitter's to retro their tools into their version of fitting system that lays on the skin. A major point, it doesn't concern your joints. Even a major marketing company came up with their fitting system to rival ours!

All hands on deck!!! Naysayers then hit the Internet! Then came the local bike brand reps. We even had one say to our face, we would never make it from the first day? That was at the grand opening of a new George's in Boise, ID 2001.

Now we are working with Kurt who makes the "Rock & Roll" and intend to lead again! We cannot inform you of what we are working on at this time, but it will take your game to another level and it is not flash or marketing hype!

A very good question: Are the newer ideas "all flash" doing the same old thing with a better marketing approach, or do they have the substance to step it up?

Tournament tested and tournament proven. We just stood up to the test of local and national professional cycling again - many have been aced!

It's one thing to be cycling for fun and it is easy to let you ride the way you want... but when you're in a cycling tournament where every ounce counts, you've got to step it up.

With our services you'll not only get the best CAD but also a picture of what's beneath your brain, you'll have views you can't get with any other technology, helping you cycle smarter, faster and more successfully than ever.

Boise, ID is not unlike any other cycling community, people want to find more performance!
After all cycling is a big deal here, we have some of the fastest women and men in the world racing at our local events. Can we say they view their local races as the world championships?
A race is a race and there is a ton of pride on the line!

It's a great place to test what works the best. Today, after 10 years, people are willing to pay for the latest & greatest technology and advice they can find. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. At Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, we don't believe that is anything more practical than results and helping people do what they dreamed of... "WIN."

People will break their backs to win! They really push it to the limits and you can bet they want to protect those bones with the best setup they can find after doing so!

Not only do they want to protect their bones, but they want something that gets them back to wining, that gives them the biggest kahunas.

We are proud to pioneer technology that puts them at top of their game, but also back into the game!

We can't claim anything, but it's easy to see why our methods are simply, clearly, better.

Sam Kreig a Cat 2 just took the first race with about 5 1/2 minute lead in pro level with another WN user Chris Stewart who is a college national champion also doing his internship with us from Boise State University "Department of Kinesiology."

The chair of the department Ronald Pfeiffer, EdD, LAT, ATC is also the Co-Director, Center for Orthopaedic & Biomechanics Research. Ron was a top mtb racer in his day and I took classes from him and even interviewed him to be part of our company!

It is proclaimed that some fit centers hold the highest education around? I wonder why you would have to make such a statement?

We also had Sara Brown take her first win this season in pro women's field as she rode off the front of the pack and held her lead to the finish line. Winners in both the men's & women's feilds? How's that for results!

All of these folks just got fitted a few months ago and already they are standing up to the newer ideas and some of the most accomplished racers around. Not just earning their success but simply riding away when they want!

Only with time will history provide more truth! It is not easy to see why something is clearly better. The only way we know to do that is take it to the tournaments.

2009 Slammer
Sunday, March 15th, 2009

1) Sam Krieg  Rocky Mt. Surgery WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish 2.01.902
2) Chris Stuart Bob's WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish 2.01.905
3) Brian Sather  Bob's WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish 2.07.071
4) Kristin Armstrong Cervelo Test Team 2.07.776
5) Dylan Jones BODE 2.07.978
6) Robert Hoene Bob's WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish 2.08.004
7) Kai Applequist Bob's WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish 2.09.002

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