Monday, June 02, 2008

Canada mtb Cup #3 Mical Dyck 1, Emily Batty #3

No racer would do something to their racing that is "counterproductive."

Congratulations to the promising young gals up north who use Wobble-naught CAD and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish and had Steve Neal dial them in on their mtb bikes.

Racing has changed, have you? It's time you caught up to the rest of racing technology, go see a one of our dealers at

No question, most racers strive to achieve their full potential in racing or why do it. Why take on the competition? Do you race to be last? There is a higher membership in racing today! The pace has changed and you have to get your bike dialed, allowing you to respond to the slightest movements. Your fit counts in every race or you suffer to keep pace with our racers!

You can't have a road bike fit on a mtb bike! The same as you can't have a tt fit on your road bike. Nor, a tri fit on your tt bike! These are demand different set ups!

The level of competition has been raised and these gals are becoming cycling talents!
They stepped up to the podium, going 1 & 3 in Canada Cup #3 in Elite Women! Both women had Steve Neal do the fit on them.

We don't think these two will be slowing down any time soon!

Elite Women:

Mical Dyck (Can) Terrascape/Trek 1.41.042
Jean Ann McKirdy (Can) Rocky Mountain Bikes 0.373
Emily Batty (Can) Trek Toronto Store Team 1.474
Amanda Sin (Can) 3 Rox Racing 4.095
Heather Gray (Can) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's 8.186
Catherine Vipond (Can) Norco 9.33

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