Sunday, June 08, 2008

MTB World Cup XC #5 Gould 11th at Fort William, Scotland

Georgia Gould (Luna) is still meeting the challenges of being the top US mtb racer. She takes 11th at Fort William, Scotland.

Team Luna sits as the #1 Team in the mtb racing in the World with 56 points, 16 points ahead of 2nd place Rocky Mountain.

She is having a trip through time. She has already made her mark with the longest NORBA winning streak in the game and she has more!

But what we learn in a small pond (principles and methods) might not work in a ocean! In sport, its very much like nature, there is potential for all, but nature is going to test everything you got in your locality (small pond) and you might even (learn) as a prelude to get to the next level, say a lake and make it. Then you might have an opportunity to take on larger lakes?

It takes time for things to form until you are able to take on an ocean (World Cup) And the ocean is a very different place than a small pond. Face it, in the ocean there are forms of nature that want very much to take you out of the game and can.

To keep our perspective, remember that these explanations are made in a historical period (Georgia is our USA top mtb racer) when it is accepted in this sport that "anything" could happen, a sort of work of spirit or influence in nature, a "Virtu Divina."
It takes much dedication to make it to the top of one's country in any sport. There are many and arguments and much is debated about what makes a difference. Many want to jump on your shirt tail and ride your success, they can make money that way.
Sports have fascinated humans since ancient times!

Sport takes time and you have to have order to reach the top! Georgia is smart and can stay focused on her needs. She understood the fit and how sEMG and the Dartfish put order to her muscles. Sure she has trained hard, and has the metal game to not be mislead by her quest!
She also knows that she has had choices and made them.

Even Aristotle championed the view that Earth's order has been shaped by observable processes which obeyed certain natural laws. However, he believed that fossils formed ("grew") directly in the rock? A start perhaps, but during the dark ages many accepted a great deal of his thinking, thus strongly hindering acceptance of things that we chuckle at today!
Cycling is still perhaps in the dark ages. Perhaps one day, people will chuckle about all the things that people buy into? It is our intend using high tech and educate our customers on things that allow them to play the game better in the small pond or the ocean.

It is so easy to think about the world as we know it, our pond, our school of thinking. You hear in sport, you only race in a very small pond. That means for most, what you learn is what you have in the "grass roots" level. Who do you learn from? You have to learn, you are not born with it! Good thing, how else do you get started in a sport. Now think of how many many small ponds there are? Think of how few make it to the pro level.

In any sport, you are very much part of the food chain from a primary source at the bottom e.g. phytopiankton a producer for the first-level consumer zooplankton (small fish) for the second-level of consumers (larger fish/fish eater) to perhaps a third-level (huge fish/shark) that can consume e.g humans!

What's the point here? It's just a way of looking at communities of organisms and by determining the particular functions (niche) that is a basic way of life! You don't just start by making a large jump when considered collectively anything on earth. You earn every step you take while you take on the world. Just be ready for a fight on the way. In the old days, in the old west, it was said, many a gun fighter want to call you into a gun fight if you are a top gun! I am very sure there are many who would love to be in her shoes!

Georgia G0uld is the real deal and she swims in the Ocean and makes it! And she makes it using Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.

Congrats, Georgia, on your "Trip through time."

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