Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Bear, WV 24 hour results, our teams do well!

We have been working with Matt Ohran, the intermountain rep for Cannondale for a while now. Matt founded the Cannondale-Mona Vie mtb racing team. He approched us about being the fitting system for Cannondale-Mona Vie Team and they are making their mark.

Congrats to your success with the team, Matt! Willpower makes things come true!

We are please to say Tinker Juarez took the Big Bear, West Virginia Event. We are also very please that Ernesto Marenchin who has been using our fits for a number of years now gets a second!

Why do so many us our service? Think of riding your bike for 24 hours and then ask yourself if the fit makes a difference. You can't ride that long if the setup is off. You also can't use road bike fitting ideas here! It is not the same game!

The Appalachian highlands of West Virginia can be really be a "BEAR" when you have to ride in the sweltering heat on technical, wooded slick courses. You have to have the bike that allows you to move in & out of balance in this technical element.

We also agree with Tinker on Ernesto Marenchin's race. He deserves to be commended on his 2nd place!

Very cool!

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