Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wolrd Level Half Ironman here in Boise, this weekend!

What "physical fitness" means depends upon whom one asks!

(Physical fitness is the capacity to meet successfully the present and potential physical challenges of life)

Kevin Evert is one of our local guys from Boise, ID and his life includes swimming, running, and cycling!

He still has a full time job!

We have been on the open road with Kevin using the Dartfish to refine his pedal stroke and remain aero! Kevin holds the "brains" to learn! Wow!

In sport, a person might make it to a certain level, then they close the door to learning. Even Tiger Woods keeps learning. Perhaps their teachers don't know anymore? In cycling, the people who get to a certain level seem to stop learning..Not so with Kevin Evert!

Here is a shot of him working on his "vasodilation" - widening of the opening of blood vessels caused by a relaxation of the smooth muscle cells in the walls of the vessels."

In an Ironman event, you have to be good at three events: swimming, cycling, and running. Kevin has the focus for all three and has learned how important it is to maintain his personal homeostasis.

The air does not have the same density of water, but the same "mind set" is required. You have to use your total body to get through it!

A number of people should learn about water density because then they would learn how to work through it! It takes great focus on the whole body. Perhaps they would learn about plane angle units, linear velocity units, force, energy, work, and frequency (e.g. the frequency of a periodic process with the period equal to one second).

If you have spent any time in the water, you know it is essential when in a kayak, or running rivers, to learn the correct stroke!!!

It is good to learn other sports as they can offer more insight. Too many times, we find people who only do one sport. Sad! They get very narrow in their thinking! It would improve their understanding of how to cycle better.

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