Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Inferno's Jeff Hopkins Holds USA Crit Series Lead!

It was only this year that we fit World Champ Jeff Hopkins AKA "Hoppy." As with any fit, it takes time to adjust and learn how to play the game. Looks like Hoppy is doing just fine!

During Team Inferno Race Camp he was not sure about us lowering his saddle and he did question our cleat placement for him. No more! He holds the USA Crit Series Lead.

USA Crits Series in USA and Canada, April 26-September 25, 2008

Race 2 - June 1: Tulsa Tough, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Stevic wins, while Hopkins maintains series lead racing for Inferno.

Fit 5945

Fit Placed On 2/27/2008 9:44:19
Fit Name: Jeff Hopkins Gender: MFit Type: road
Total Paid: XXX Height: 5' 9"Weight: 167 lbs.
Account: WobbleNaught (tom)

trochtofloor = 905mmrtankle = 70mmankleknee = 383mmbaseknee = 98mmkneetotroch = 425mmneutral = 250mmtrochtowall = 100mmcrest = 220mmacrelax = 679mmacup = 725mmacdown = 634mmactoac = 373mmactoelbow = 350mmknuckle = 351mmshoulder = 1098mmtop_tube = 545mmseat_tube = 545mmsangle = 73.2 degreescrank = 172.5mmltsesamoid = 127mmrtsesamoid = 127mmltcenter = 49mmrtcenter = 49mmltheel = 190mmrtheel = 190mm
FIT Computations:Cleat Placement (A) Longitudinal*** Right Foot: XXXmm*** Left Foot: XXXmm
Cleat Placement (B) Lateral*** Right Foot: XXmm*** Left Foot: XXmm
Saddle Height: XXXmm
Fore/Aft Saddle Position: XXmm
Effective Body Extension: XXXmm

Thank you for using the Wobble-naught® system for fitting your bike. Some of you will have made drastic adjustments to your bike. It may take you several months to fully adjust to the new fit. Give your body time to adjust to the fit before you try to get peak performance otherwise you might hurt yourself.

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