Friday, June 27, 2008

Fitting Varieties Why?

Plane facts! The number of sagittal, coronal, and horizontal planes within the moving body is unlimited.

In order to teach movement you have to break the body and its parts anatomically. Movements take place at joints where two or more bones or cartilages articulate with one another. You have to have the joints and their relationships of the spine & extremities correct or you can and will wear them out. That means measurements of each link to find the best range of motion.

That means you have to measure bone -
Bone is the mechanical basis for movement, it has its own mass! No two people are the same! The proportion of bone and cartilage in the skeleton changes as the body grows. It is elastic to a point of failure!

Bones are living organs that when injured, bleed when fractured, remodel in relationsip to stresses placed on them, and change with age. They can even "hypertrophy -enlarge" when they must support increased weight for long period.

During older years, both the organic and inorganic components of bone decreases, a reduction in the quanity of bone, hence they can become brittle, lose their elasticity then fracture easily.
This is more common in women.

High-tech 2D video software is helpful in teaching or showing you what you are doing only at the superficial level of structure. You must first have aligned the structues within the body to function at the their best. There are many constraints to be understood!

A very real problem with the use of video in cycling is that the skin moves. Just mark the outside of your knee with a pen, or place a sticker there, a sensor there, then move the skin and note how much that skin can move. Therefore, it is not going to tell you about the actual joint movement under the skin, nor the muscle being on or off. Having video is not enough!

We were the first 3D on-line software company in 1999, the first to bring lasers into fitting, sEMG, forceplates, etc. to the game. We have been working with Noraxon and Dartfish for many years. Dartfish is worldwide leader using 2D video and has worked with the most high-tech movement companies in the world. That is the very reason we are the only fitting service in the world that has a written agreement/partnership with a world wide business Dartfish - Software for our Dealers! They know that our numbers allow you to move the very best you can! IF you use our Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish you have the best chance of increasing the percentage of muscles used for your pedal strokes.

There are many ideas on how to do it right and there will always be! So, how is one to teach?

The game is: How many perfect pedal strokes can you make in a given time? We can provide you with what you need to know!

There are many varieties of fits for cycling. Many have a "one system works for all". But, why? The needs of a mtb fit are not the same as the needs of a road bike fit. There is much less weight to fight on a road bike and the playground is a lot smoother when compared to that of the mtb!

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