Sunday, June 15, 2008

Boise's Armstrong takes Nature Valley again!

Most of us are shaped by a wide array of events in our lives. If you race, you race hard, and for many that means you have a team to help! But if you don't have a team, you have to make it happen!

Whether someone succumbs to pressure or acts submissively is shaped by that person's day-to-day experiences. If you have not a team, you have to do just like the Nike ad says and "just do it." In racing, you have to have the instincts, attitude, and acquired drives (goal-directed behavior) to make it happen! Now, this gal is fueled to win! We watched her ride years ago and she would just ride away from a pack. Why are they not racing?

Too many times, we watch teams slow things down. That bring a greater chance for their sprinters.

If you have ever watched Tiger Woods, you will see why they call him Tiger! He gets that look on his face and he overcomes the odds. US Open 2008! Winners can do things the normal person can't! The other Armstrong had that same attitude. Win! This Armstrong can also get the job done no matter the odds!

The games are coming soon (less than 53 days) and Boise's Armstrong is flexing her muscles where she goes to race. No question, she knows what she needs and has the focus and mental strength.

She didn't have a full team like last year to help, so she just puts the hammer down and holds the motivation needed to overcome such odds. She was able to fend off many attacks to take Nature Valley for the 3rd year in a row. She will be a force in the games, let's hope she gets a gold!

You don't win by being submissive, no matter the odds. It's the mental strength that makes the difference, take control of your own world.

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