Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The other Butler - Can You Handle It?

Cyclocross is a tough all out disciple. It's pedal to the medal and it puts huge demands on the racer and their gear. Getting the power to the pedals and precise handling is key for your best results!

Subject: Tim gains Confidence

Race Report #2 [Sun, Sept 19]: RAD Racing GP - Tim Butler WN'er.

I rocked that $hit on Sunday! The course was muddy and greasy with lots of off-camber turns on tree roots. It was a bike-handler's course, and I took the holeshot, rode off the front, and just had fun with the two-wheel drift. I was in the zone and just enjoying myself. That was probably the key to my win... I had a good time riding fast, and I didn't crash. Oh yeah... and my coach’s off-season running program paid HUGE dividends on the long running sections through the sand. I was passing guys on the runs instead of getting worked, like in years past. The Masters 1/2 45+ group started a minute behind the Masters 1/2 35+ guys, but I worked my way up to 10th or 11th place in the 35+ group. That was my first CX win since 2008, so it's a big confidence booster heading into the Madison USGPs! I'm headed to Madison on Friday for the first two USGP races, and I'll be racing in the Masters 1/2 45+ category. I'm planning to REPRESENT for Portland and for Specialized River City Bicycles!!!!


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