Sunday, September 26, 2010

Compton 1, Gould 2nd, Butler 3rd.

What's in the water?

After a week of elk hunting on the steeps of Idaho with a stick and string, you get in touch with the life giving water and how animals compete for it. There is only such much and their is danger around every corner and water hole.

We even saw where wolves had an elk pushed into a high mountain lake to stay alive and the sand on the edge looked like a sand box that had been torn up. The elk had to hit the lake to stay alive, as the many wolves wanted it. Wolves hunt in numbers and work in packs to get what they want. Large chains doing mass marketing fitting do the same!

Every fitter claims that their science is based on something and it's the very best. From books or real world, they are going to claim they are the best. So just like the high country of Idaho, there are going to be rivals for the water and with that, danger lurking, in wait for ambush.

Humans are very much like wolves and they use the social electronic network to gain "pack power", without making one's presence known. They know they have a better chance to compete. Rare is a lone wolf!

Latin rivalis, 'person using the same stream as another'

There is only so much water in the fitting game, many ideas come forth and will be tested. Many strive to WN or establish their superiority in a given area. Poor ideas don't make it and go away! It might take a little time, but they will be found out!

In cyclocross game, it's you against all comer's, on the same course! There is only so much room and only the top elk get to drink as the wolves are nipping at their heels. The rest are left in the dust to wonder why them?

Today, you have to be very aggressive, work hard, use the best ideas, know the pedal stoke and let the course of action dictate the winner on and off the course! In most cases large packs can't control things.

You had better bring your "A-Game" because "B" won't cut it! This is not hype, this is the truth!
That is why Gould and Butler understand WN! It gets them to the stream before the wolves and this is no walk-in-the-woods!

Gould WN, Butler WN round out top-three

Brief Results
1Katherine Compton (USA) Planet Bike-Stevens Bikes
2Georgia Gould (WN USA) Luna Pro Team
3Susan Butler (WN USA) Hudz-Subaru
4Katherine Sherwin (USA) Hudz-Subaru
5Meredith Miller (USA) California Giant-Specialized
6Sally Annis (USA) p/b JRA Cycles

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