Sunday, September 05, 2010

Amanda Carey (WN) is Official NUE Series Champ!

WN just got the news from Amanda Carey in VA., 2:01pm Sunday, Boise, ID time.

She was just here last week working hard on her mental game. I told her we wanted a pic of her on the wall along with the many world and national champs, but she had to (WN) first, as there is no free ride! To acquire good technique, you have to earn it.

“I had to have four perfect races for it to all work out as I only did four of the NUE series,” she said. “Anyone who races ultras knows that so much can go wrong during an 8-10 hour ride so I am extremely fortunate to have pulled this off this year.”

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Success comes from the correct technique. But it is the most over looked? It is being sold that pedaling comes from one style, or trying to imitate some champion's technique. Everyone has their own style, meaning they have to express their personal style from anybody else.

That is why Fizik sends their saddles to us for review. They know that there are many products that are just plain junk! How well we know this from the ski business.

Riding a bike is not basic instinct, it requires learning, doing specific workouts to improve. You have to perfect your style with great concentration "every stroke counts." We help you find the greatest possible forces for the game you wish to play.

To do this, you have to develop the best method that suits you. That means you have to discard inadequate solutions i.e. basic fitting ideas, plumb line, leds, etc... If the fit is wrong for the game, all the mental concentration you can mustard will not make a difference i.e. the pretty golf swing doesn't matter if you can't interface with the ball.

Check history and note who first started using lasers in cycling, it was us, it's in our name. But we don't use the laser to project a simple line of your legs. Humans are not made like. Only the copy cat fit ideas do that and they are many!

What they don't know will hurt you, not them!

Our laser is used for other needs that can't be done without it. It is the foundation of our cycling success. Without it, we are only guessing like the rest of the fitting services.

The human brain needs to know how to think to send the correct neruomotor impulses to the muscles that then move the bones for the needs. Only then do the rewards and satisfaction of acquiring a complex stroke and noticing a definite improvement.

Amanda Carey won Shenandoah - 100 and is now NUE Series Champ!

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Amanda Carey ( WN Kenda-Felt) 8:23:02
2 Sue Haywood (SBC/Turner Racing) 0:05:24
3 Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) 0:24:59
4 Karen Potter ( 0:33:06
5 Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw Cycles) 0:37:52
6 Brenda Simirl (Motormile Racing) 0:44:49
7 Laura Hamm (Virginia Tech) 0:54:44

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