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Butler & Carey WN'ers in their home states!

2010 Cross Crusade, OR #1, Alpenrose Dairy results

  • 2. Alice Pennington, Team S+m
  • 3. Wendy Williams, River City Bicycles

Moosecross "Old turf" The land of real cowboys and co

Victor, Idaho

Victor, Idaho is on the state line of Wyoming, west of the Tetons, west of Jackson Hole, WY. It is not going to have the numbers of racers like Portland, OR but it can have strong racers. Many of the folks who live in that neck of the woods live there for a reason to play on the steepest playgrounds in world.
But you can't do that with that equipment! Here is evidence that older school could - Pepi in the day!

Amanda Carey is one of those person's who is s student of movement. She knows that I lived in Jackson Hole, WY for many years, working at Teton Village, flying off cliffs and as a ski coach for the great Olympic Pepi Stiegler.

Photo: Jonathan Selkowitz

Forty-four years ago Pepi Stiegler skied into Olympic history, winning a silver medal in giant slalom at Squaw Valley in 1960. Four years later he claimed gold and bronze medals in slalom and giant slalom at Innsbruck.
Last year Pepi’s daughter, Resi, continued her ascent in alpine ski racing, posting good results in World Cup and Europa Cup events.

The years between marked Pepi’s Jackson Hole persona—Ski School Director, Nastar Pacesetter, Race Camp Director, Director of Skiing, Ski With Pepi Clinics.

Less well known, however, is Pepi's tremendous ability as an all-mountain skier. Less witnessed was Pepi skiing Thunder bumps on a pair of 215 Kastle super-Gs. Pepi could sailed down the moguls, edging long-radius turns, his upper body quietly positioned over two jackhammer legs.

Even years later could demonstrated his superior ability in extreme conditions Once is Enough couloir. As several highly skilled locals stood analyzing the tricky entrance, Pepi walked up and politely asked to go ahead.

Permission granted, he unknowingly schooled them on advanced steep-skiing technique: a right turn on the exposed entrance; a teetering stop on the 60-degree, knife-edge drift; the drop into the narrow slot of rock-hard snow; the carve into linked turns down the chute.

No one else came close to that seamless display of precision skiing.
And no one else around here has an daughter skiing on the World Cup.

—Wade McKoy

Father and daughter in 1992 Photo: McKoy

How does ski racing help one become a better all-mountain skier? Ski racing has little to do with all-mountain skiing. My opportunity to become good at that was associated with Jackson Hole and working on that mountain. You have to learn!

Did you do a lot of free-skiing when you were working there? I certainly did. We free-skied a lot, especially in the ‘60s. We didn’t have many customers, so our freedom to ski the mountain was tremendous.

I hear you’re doing a lot of ski-touring now. That’s my passion now. It’s heaven.

I to had that passion or free-skiing, pushing it to the limits, learning air sense, in fact I got into major trouble with Pepi, diving off the huge cliffs that Jackson Hole is so well known within the bounds. Not just doing it in private, rather in front of the packed tram as it reached the top. I loved wait to get big air, and to have folks hanging out the windows, turning in their heads while riding the chair lifts to watch. You could hear the cheers while in the air!

"Tom Coleman, vhat are ve going to do vith you? Vhat an example you have set as one of my top pros? The new guys are going to attempt the same things! Should ve fire you and make your family go without? After all you have two girls and you do this thing? A few weeks on the flats is just vhat you need - Pepi"

Great, I will keep a closer watch on my oldest daughter Whitney who just started skiing. She is the same age as Pepi's daughter Resi. They both just started skiing together in the same lessons at the ripe age of two years and at temps of - 20 degrees F. In between runs I would suggest to them both to keep the focus on their moves.

Before ski season I needed to make a living for my wife and two kids, so I worked elk hunting camp for in Sept. for Jiggs Black, an outfitter. Yes, I worn a cowboy hat and had to ride a horse The hat is not hype, it protects when the horse attempt to scrap you off it back with a limb. It also keeps the intense sun off your ears in high country, the rain and snow from going down your neck and the bandana ties the hat down on one side as the wind attempts to rip it off with gail force winds or stinging rain or snow. It's not hype, you wear them for a reason.

And oh yes I have been bucked off horses jumping dead fall while elk hunting in the high steep country. That cowboy hat provides protect and you will know it went you hit the ground. You learn a few things about riding!

Enough about my history, just understand that people who make a living on that tuft know a few things about gravity, movements that a flat-lander might not know.

Amanda Carey is a WN mtb racers and her play ground is tough. She comes out and takes both cross races against a strong field!

It's just what she needed to start her cross season. She will become a force to contend with, as she intends on heading to the USGP in KY.

The cross game only gets better as more and more enter the races.

Just like the WY license plate of a bucking bronco. Saddle up and let it Buck!

That goes for Cowgirls also!

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