Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Shonny Vanlandingham - 2nd XTERRA Mexico

Shonny places 2nd in XTERRA Mexico Championships

Fabiola Corona came out of the water with nearly two minutes on Shonny Vanlandingham; last year’s winner. “I know how fast Shonny is so I try to put as much time as possible in the swim… then I say pedal hard Shonny is coming, pedal hard” laughed the Olympian triathlete.

Shonny pedaled into 2nd place after the swim, but she followed a bunch of men riders through an intersection and got lost in the mountains of Valle de Bravo. “I should have known better because I made the same mistake on a pre-ride. I saw the double Jeep track and knew it was wrong” said Shonny. She got it back on course and was eight minutes down on Corona at the end of the first lap. She was able to make four minutes of it back with a sizzling second lap, but Fabiola (pronounced fav-ee-ola) can run and no matter how hard Shonny ran, she never put a dent into the four+ minute lead. When she could see the finish she knew it was for second place so she even stopped to have her photo taken with the trail side grazing Donkey (pictured).

Slippery, mud and puddles...slipping and sliding and mud were the order of the day. That, along with chickens and dogs, horses and even a donkey all made Valle de Bravo one exceptional event.

Shonny is
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