Saturday, September 04, 2010

John Forbes - "Gold Medal" in Track - Laps Field!

We can't claim that everyone we work with is going to kill it. They have to be willing to learn. We do have proof of 10 years of results. Below is yet another true story!

John Forbes just called us from Texas, to let us know that he won National Championships in his track race. He could not be more happy!

"Gold Medal"

John has been in the sport for a long time and is a Wenzel coach, yet he gave us his ear (WN) about the pedal stroke and it made a difference.

Dreams come true if you know what to think!!!

John is one of our Wobble-naught fitters in the Portland, OR. area.

John has learned much about his pedal stroke this summer. If you want to improve your game, go see him. He can make you faster!

Fact is, John Forbes is WN faster!

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