Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sue Butler (WN'er) High Cascades 100!


Brief Results

Sue pointed out that for 60 miles, Sornson and her continued together, ahead of the field until the mile 68, just past the river crossing, where a hard climb described by many as "relentless" finally separated the two. "Sue said she thought Sornson was still on her wheel all along and focused on her WN strokes until she reached the summit and, glancing back, realized she was all alone."

1Carey Smith8:09:15
2Chris Shepherd0:06:21
3Josh Tostado0:14:08
4Jeff Schalk0:20:52
1Sue Butler (WN) 9:31:33
2Cheryl Sornson0:15:33
3Serena Bishop1:19:33
4Kari Studley1:38:41

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