Monday, August 23, 2010

Breck Epic - Jeremiah Bishop & Pua take lead! How many times does this happen!

Yesterday was the first of 6 races in the Breck Epic mtb stage race.

Watch WN's users and note who's who the fastest!

Keep an eye on Alex Grant, Ben Sonntag through the stages!

Sonntag stayed strong eventually making it a Cannondale (WN) 1-2-3.

A word from Ron, Pua's husband!
In the women's race Pua Sawicki crushed the competition getting an early lead before Baker's Tank and then running away with the race on the Little French Gulch climb taking the manhood of all but the top-9 Pro Men with her.

While I have been back in California trying to get a new job in order, Pua has been preparing for this sure to be test of her abilities. She has found some great tech help to replace me out there and she will have a close friend showing up to help her with the feeds and pictures.

As for race #1, Pua (WN) not only put a 25.31 minute lead of the closest female (Ivonne Kraft, Germany), she also placed 10th in the overall men in a very well staked field. After over 3 hours of racing Pua was only 15 minutes behind the lead male (Jeremiah Bishop WN).

Pua said it was a beautiful day and she just got out in front and enjoyed the ride!

How many weekends do we have racers at the top? Almost every weekend!

We love all the new fit ideas, as it allows us to make a statement how powerful our fit really is!

Sure, you don't have to (WN). There are many fit ideas!

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